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Apple II vs ZX spectrum vs Commodore 64

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Posted Sat May 13, 2017 9:36 PM

i know its redundant but i wanted to see which computer was a better buy for the money. i am checking 4 catagories:


1. games (this includes ports and current developments)


2. graphics: basically, did the computer take full advantage of it palette in games, was there color clash, etc...


3. ease of use: does someone need a converter or any other piece of equipment to use the computer (PAL for the Apple II and NTSC for the ZX spectrum)


4. Price: essentially, which is a better value for the money? do you need extra equipment or does it come pre packaged? (tape drives, assembler, Disk drives, controllers already bundled).


5 (I know its cheating). BASIC. how hard is it to use, does it give full access to the computer's color and audio. if it does, how easy/hard is to access them? does the computer support Low and high resolution graphics? are there any drawbacks, if so what?


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