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Posted Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:51 PM

I achieved perfect results using only my fingers, but yes, the ruler sounds like a good idea.


I used 4" tape.

I suggested the clear tape over the labels as an easy alternative on labels instead of ordering blank glossy labels from Avery or Sheetlabels. Sometimes with glossy, the ink may rub off just handling the cartridges. The clear tape also prevents that anyway. We will be using these on my games on cartridges.


I am currently in the process of taking games that can fit within a 32K memory space and porting them over to the 5200. Its taking me some time to figure out reading the analog joystick that uses the two paddle values, along with the keypad. I hope to have Delta Space Arena ready in a few weeks, and use it as a template to port other games. Like many other 5200 titles, these are going to be NTSC only because the 5200 only supported NTSC and primarily sold in North America. Most people in other parts of the world use adapters to make it play on their display device.


I really want my next set of games to start using new graphics tricks to have more colors and more sprites moving around as long they don't hog the CPU. Jungle Quest will be using DLIs with a scrolling screen to have more colors and sprites. Games with a few moving objects, I usually forward those to the Turbo Basic and Mad Pascal people. I go for the fast ML arcade games that barely complete the VBI tasks in one frame.

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