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The Missing Game - what you like to see...

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#1 kiwilove OFFLINE  



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Posted Wed Jun 7, 2017 5:36 PM

What game do you think is doable but has been missed .... ????


I think a Super Mario game like the NES game hasn't been done?  Can't think of anything that comes close?  Scrolling landscape in which you jump around, etc.  I don't see much point in converting Super Mario (NES) to prove it can be done - though for someone to take that on - would be their choice and work to do.  I'd prefer to see something that can look different and better? And play better too?  It'll take a lot of work - any kind of project - but it could be 1/2 done to show what was always possible ...  I don't mind seeing 1/2 done projects - if the source code/etc etc is there for someone else to carry it further along it's development path.  Some people don't really care about the credit part - and just like to see some WIP being done...  To show this hardware was capable of equalling or better it's competitors.

Wonderboy is of the same type - in a very general sense.


The same can go for a Megaman (NES) style game - while it's like the above but with more shooting present.  It sounds like a 2 button joypad is needed - so if a MegaDrive/Genesis controller can be programmed?  It'll be the ideal controller for it?  Rick Dangerous and Cybernoid could be said to be of this type ...  But Megaman is more fun?



#2 Paul Westphal OFFLINE  

Paul Westphal


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Posted Wed Jun 7, 2017 6:00 PM

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#3 davidcalgary29 OFFLINE  



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Posted Wed Jun 7, 2017 9:50 PM


Yes, please! I'm really not a fan of the CV/MSX version, and would love to see an A8 port.


-'King's Quest', since we have a similar game in 'Klatwa'.

-'Portal 2D'. With stick-figure drawings!

-'Deflektor 2'

-all Infocom text adventures that didn't make it to the A8, but only if the 'feelies' were thrown in as well.

- the missing English '90s ports that were planned, but aborted 'Shadow of the Beast', 'Loopz', etc.)

#4 Major Havoc 2049 OFFLINE  

Major Havoc 2049


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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 12:07 AM




Pool of Radiance

The Bard's Tale trilogy

Winter Games

California Games

Legacy of the Ancients

Shard of Spring

The Sporting News Baseball

GEOS 2.0

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#5 emkay OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 12:43 AM

Wolf 3D
Portal... not just 2D
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#6 Heaven/TQA OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 1:30 AM


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#7 beamer320i OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 2:53 AM

Defender of the Crown!

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#8 emkay OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 4:02 AM


I tell you the difference between the upper proposed games and Skyrim : It's the size of the gaming world ;)

But, today, using modern drives and interfaces, it should be no problem to build a game upon that.
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#9 Allan OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 5:35 AM

King's Quest.   If the Apple II had it, the Atari can as well.

Dungeun Master from the Atari ST.



#10 slx OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 10:29 AM

Raid on Bungeling Bay

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#11 CharlieChaplin OFFLINE  


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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 1:21 PM

- Fort Apocalypse 2

- Bruce Lee 2

- Prince of Persia

- a faster Karateka

- a good pinball game

- a good + fast F1-car or motorbike racing game for two or more players

  (playing in realtime and not with computer cars thrown in randomly)

- X8 with all extras - finished!

- R-Type

- a SMB-like game

- a Sonic-like game

- a Zelda-like game

- Summer Games II

- Winter Games

- World Games

- Elite

- Dungeon Master

- all parts of A.R., hehehe!

  (but seriously, I would never have the time to play them...)

- Conan 2

- Ugh!

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#12 McKong OFFLINE  


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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 1:40 PM

Bruce Lee 2. The c64 version looks good
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#13 zzip OFFLINE  


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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 1:41 PM

I always wanted "Adventure Construction Set" EA even promised it at one point, but never delivered.

#14 Wrathchild ONLINE  


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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 5:07 PM

SCUMM engine - e.g. Maniac Mansion

An SSI/TSR Inc title - e.g. some from Forgotten Realms series.

Bards Tale I - loved playing the ST version when at Uni

I would agree too with Prince of Persia - hoping Franco Catrin would pick that up again!

R-Type - Gameboy port to UnoCart?

Pokemon - most likely Yellow

Final Fantasy - style game (e.g. IIIj)


Plus, of course, those titles I've delved into to a varying degrees:


World Class Leaderboard


Stunt Car Racer

The Sentinel

Lords of Midnight


and from the BBC Micro but using VBXE on the A8 - Tetrapod

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#15 Lord Thag OFFLINE  

Lord Thag

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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 5:28 PM

I'll second Mappy, that's a perfect game to port for the Atari hardware. 


I'd really like someone to finish Stargate and Wilmunder's Star Raider's 2 as well. 

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#16 venom4728a OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 5:37 PM

Castlevania type game.

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#17 Wrathchild ONLINE  


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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 6:18 PM

Perhaps one for the exceptional talented Polish and Czech guys... something close to nidhogg :)

#18 firebottle OFFLINE  


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Posted Thu Jun 8, 2017 9:24 PM

Ultima V

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#19 scotty OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Jun 9, 2017 3:23 AM

Transylvania 2 & 3

Carnival (Arcade Game)

Astro Fighter (Arcade Game)

Astro Invader  (Arcade Game)

Galaga  (Arcade Game)



Why did we never see the Wizardry series on the A8?

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#20 Irgendwer OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Jun 9, 2017 9:42 AM

Less conversions, more fresh games and new ideas.


"Me too"-games are maybe technically nice and challenging, but when you are able to emulate many arcade machines and other systems on a PC nearly everyone has in reach, IMHO there is no point from a players perspective just to have the same title on an A8.


Be creative!

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#21 carlsson ONLINE  


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Posted Fri Jun 9, 2017 1:17 PM

Generally I am of the opinion that if you should convert existing games, look for the few almost unknown gems that exist for just a few systems, those who really deserve a bigger following. Most of the major titles mentioned will play just as well on the existing systems.


For instance, I was almost entirely sure that Frak! was an Atari 8-bit game, when I realized it only exists for the BBC Micro, Acorn Electron, C64 and a preview version on the Amiga. That one should probably look very nice on the Atari and well within technical capacities.


Bird Strike is another BBC/Electron exclusive game that is a little quirky, might not look all that amazing but has some playability value and has a lot of room for visual improvements rather than cutting corners.


Jammin' is another of those games for the C64 and CPC where the hue rich palette on the Atari might be beneficial, though I'm a little worried how the songs would turn out on the slightly detuned POKEY.


Regarding Bruce Lee 2, I happen to know the guy who made the C64 port and know his work is very structured. I can ask if he's interested in collaborating on an Atari release.

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#22 totalguy OFFLINE  


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Posted Fri Jun 9, 2017 2:05 PM


#23 Stephen OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Jun 9, 2017 2:40 PM


Yeah - we already have a beautiful music into for it!

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#24 adam242 OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri Jun 9, 2017 10:44 PM

- Bruce Lee 2


Yes, yes.. a million times, yes! Please..




It's been done.



- Winter Games

White Circus?




- a Zelda-like game

- Summer Games II

- World Games


Would love to see those as well..

#25 emkay OFFLINE  



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Posted Sat Jun 10, 2017 12:48 AM

It's been done.

That's the hard truth. While the demo introduced the "most powerful and best Lemmings game on 8 bit history.... you get .... what exactly was that? It works somehow like lemmings, but the small playfield, the used colours, the missing details....

How the A8 could always reveal a real working game, some sneak towards Gameboy could be useful ;)

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