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Apps & Utils You'd Like To See For: Atari DOS

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#26 sanny OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Jul 17, 2017 10:41 AM

pwd for present working directory,


I had thought 'pwd' means 'print working directory', but your expansion is equally good :-)



cwd for change working directory.  cwd was from the old IBM DOS and Unix/AIX systems before that (perl still uses that routine cwd() ).


I've never heard of 'cwd' as a command. There is an Unix syscall with name getcwd() which returns the "working directory pathname" (according to FreeBSD man page.

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Posted Mon Jul 17, 2017 11:00 AM

Utility I'd like to see: SHARE.  Command line version: SHARE [Src] [Dest] /[Write enable].  For non-Sparta DOSes,there would have to be a front end to identify the desired drive identities.


When connected to another Atari 8-bit, with Rx and Tx swapped, and Command / Interrupt swapped (ideally both ways), the system running SHARE acts as a disk drive for the second computer.  It should be possible (though likely confusing) to have both computers running SHARE at the same time.


So, SHARE D3: D1: would mean that D3: on the computer running SHARE would be seen as D1: on the second computer.


I'd prefer write enable as an option in order to prevent accidental damage - since Ataris generally assume they control the disk completely, having two computers share a single drive could cause problems.


Ideally, the software would run in the background and be interrupt driven, so the computer running SHARE could still be used for other purposes when not serving data to the other computer.

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Posted Tue Jul 18, 2017 11:21 AM

I think I prefer this (or some variation on this) for a colorized version. It doesn't have the classic orange button and text (the other version's text, that I posted, really wasn't properly colored like the original anyway), but it stills provides enough of a color hint and doesn't take away from the design.



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