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Games for Atari: 1977 to 1995 Book Project on Kickstarter

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Posted Yesterday, 11:22 PM

The issue with "Hans Kloss" are the swastika in the game. To promote a game with such a content is a serious crime in Germany. https://en.wikipedia...uch_section_86a
Since the book only features releases from back in the days any other game could have only be added via the special pledge level. Quality-wise there are tons of Polish games that would have to be in the book.

Wow, I hadn't thought of that, but you're correct. It's such a shame as it's an anti-Nazi game...and an amazing one at that.

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Posted Today, 9:57 AM


Bubble Trouble is included, PITS not. Do you think it qualifies for the book?

Not really, but I always say Why not!

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Posted Today, 10:09 AM


A good few people i know who've produced physical books said they didn't do it for even miniscule profit, as they knew at best they would break even..

Nor fame :-)

But simply for the love of the subject material and in some cases just wanting to leave something behind...and have something to feel the time and effort invested was worth it.

Websites close..material lost with the closure..

It's usually printing costs that kill off such dreams in their infancy mind..:'(

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Posted Today, 11:20 AM

This book will be so awesome!

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Posted Today, 11:23 AM

Will or would?


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