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New releases of libcv, libcvu, png2cvs, png2cv and my compression tools

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Posted Tue Aug 8, 2017 3:08 PM

It has been a while, but I decided to release new versions today, so everyone can profit from all teh small improvements that accumulated over time.


libcv / libcvu changes:

    Suggested compiler: SDCC 3.6.0 or newer
    libcv: Basic SMS port
    demos: Basic SMS port
    libcv: Specify preserved registers for asm-implemented functions.
    libcv: Optimize return address handling in cv_vmemset_fast(), cv_vmemset_slow().
    libcvu: Specify preserved registers for asm-implemented functions.
    libcvu: Replaced some macros by inline functions.
    demos: Add machine detection demo.
    libcv: Add delay to cv_voutb(), cv_vinb() to always meet graphics chip timings.
    libcv: Improve cv_vmemtomemcpy_slow() speed.
    libcv: cv_get_r() to get the contents of the Z80 refresh register r.
    libcv: Fixes in support for super action controller spinners and roller controller.
    demos: Fix cursorsmooth demo for roller controller.


png2cvs changes:


    Updated to automake 1.15.1
    Update for libpng 1.6 (vs. old 1.2)
    Improved error messages.


png2cv changes:

    Fixed autotools stuff.
    Update for libpng 1.6 (vs. old 1.2).
    Fix missing include.
    Improved error messages.


compression utilitites changes:


    Fix for machines with CHAR_BIT > 8.
    Added --help to display simple usage info for huffman_analyzer and huffman_encoder.
    Added -o to specify output filename for huffman_analyzer and huffman_encoder.


I guess the highlight is the support for developing games portable across the ColecoVision and the Sega 8-bit systems. It has be come quite easy to write source code that canbe compiled into a game that works on ColecoVision / SG-1000 / Mark III / Master System.




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Posted Wed Aug 9, 2017 8:18 AM

I have been very interested in converting a game to sega master system. I look forward to looking into it 


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