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Does anyone have the actual/original Super Game Module?

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#26 The Evener OFFLINE  

The Evener

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Posted Tue Aug 15, 2017 2:36 PM

I would love to grab an Opcode SGM and house it in an original SGM mock up - not sure 3D printing is there yet but it's tempting to try!

#27 JustinMSalvato OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Aug 15, 2017 3:09 PM

Please keep track of when all those people die and then get the stories from him.   ;)



#28 mozartpc27 OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Aug 19, 2017 3:58 PM

Ikranaka, thanks for posting and sharing that article. I'd never seen it before; very informative. And how about that mail away ad for the "private arcade" home cabinet thing? That's amazing. Wonder if they ever sold any, and if there are any left around.

#29 mr_me OFFLINE  


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Posted Sat Aug 19, 2017 6:34 PM

So the author of the magazine article says he spent over eight hours playing games from SGM tapes. The Bill Rose interview says it didn't work; demos were faked. Who was right?

#30 retroillucid OFFLINE  



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Posted Sat Aug 19, 2017 7:31 PM

So the author of the magazine article says he spent over eight hours playing games from SGM tapes. The Bill Rose interview says it didn't work; demos were faked. Who was right?


it was definitely playable.....but not reliable

#31 Lynxpro OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Aug 22, 2017 7:59 AM


I doubt Hasbro bought intellectual property rights and non disclosure agreements - but I'm not M.I.T. engineer.   ;)


BTW that's not meant as a dig in any way, shape or form - but one observation I can pass on as someone who has worked with a very diverse part of the population over the years: smart people often know what they know, but that's about it.  Meaning - while he may be an M.I.T. engineer, he might not know about law, contracts, contract law, NDA (just because you sign one doesn't mean your an expert).  I've worked with Doctors and Lawyers who know their professions, but can't pay a bill on time, or have any concept of why they should have to. 


My point is never be afraid to challenge someone or present your point of view, just because of who they are, that's all. 


He might be right, who knows?  He could also be mistaken.  He could also get pissed off if someone persists with asking him questions, who knows?  But if you present a good argument, he might be open to opening up, you never know. 


This happens a lot amongst the veterans of the video game/computer industry.  Here's some examples off the top of my head:


*Former Atari Corp and Commodore Amiga employees still refusing to discuss the legal settlement over the Amiga Lorraine chipset that concluded in 1987 even though Jack Tramiel and Irving Gould are both deceased. And both companies are also dead legally.


*Former Sight+Sound employees still refusing to discuss the legal issues and what ultimately happened concerning their completed and fixed versions of Atari AMY sound chip even though both companies [Atari Corp and Sight+Sound] are legally dead.


*Former Atari Inc. Advanced Research Division employees refusing to discuss the SnowCap GUI they built atop BSD and had running on the Dual 68000 based Atari Gaza computer/workstation circa 1983-1984 even though Atari Inc is deceased and Time Warner cannot enforce any NDAs covering it.


Interesting to read Coleco was allegedly behind Lazer Tag. That would explain why Michael Katz was so hot to get a competitor released while he was the head of Atari Corp's Entertainment Electronics division. According to his interview with the Antic Podcast, he acquired one such system from Midway and Jack Tramiel promised him he'd be able to release it but then later refused and ruined the deal. That, coupled with the breakdown in negotiations between Atari Corp and Sega of Japan over the Genesis led to Katz "retiring" from Atari Corp and then a little over a month later assuming control of Sega of America and the rest is history...

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