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Storage options for large collections

Atari Colecovision Intellivision Display Bookshelves Cartridge Case Boxed

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#1 Age-of-Atarius OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Aug 29, 2017 12:26 AM

I have a ton of games mostly old school classic Atari INTV & CV Carts.  My favorite way to display your collection is CD DVD Media tower and book cases with adjustable shelves.  I am continually buying and reselling extras so the probably have 2000-3000 games.  Here is some of the racks.  They can get rearranged a bunch depending on which system I might be enjoying the most. 

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#2 Shawn OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Aug 29, 2017 11:33 PM

What you are showing there is a couple hundred games. Managing a couple hundred is a hell of a lot different than a couple thousand games. What do you mean by storage options for these thousands of games? Are you talking about boxing them up for storage or are you looking to put that many on display?




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Posted Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:08 AM

No, he is showing how he is using all the different storage options he has, for storing games.  I am sure that is super helpful for someone just starting with collecting games.

#4 Shawn OFFLINE  


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Posted Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:28 AM

No, he is showing how he is using all the different storage options he has, for storing games.  I am sure that is super helpful for someone just starting with collecting games.


K, I totally didn't get that from what I read. I thought he was asking for advise on how to display that many games and he was showing what he's done so far.

#5 Keatah OFFLINE  


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Posted Wed Aug 30, 2017 4:27 PM

Reading comprehension is important.

#6 save2600 OFFLINE  



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Posted Wed Aug 30, 2017 5:19 PM

One storage option for large collections = larger home! :grin:

#7 rasch_C OFFLINE  


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Posted Fri Sep 1, 2017 4:00 PM

One storage option for large collections = larger home! :grin:

Or, you could always just put an addition onto your home like John :D

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Posted Sat Sep 2, 2017 4:15 PM

Reading comprehension is important.


I thought your reply would be something like:



#9 Keatah OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Sep 3, 2017 1:59 AM

Bagghh! That's so mechanical. "Game Programs" are much happier in their native semiconductor environment like so.



And a virtual map for those of you interested in such things.


VCS rom map 8-11-2017.png


#10 MrBlackCat OFFLINE  


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Posted Mon Sep 4, 2017 8:03 AM

Lots of different display/storage methods in the original post.


There are a lot of options here... this is how I would summarize what I have learned from my current spouse and threads like this.


Things to consider...

1.  How much of your collection do you want available at a time?

2.  How much space do you have for display at any one time?

3.  Are you going to buy storage, like bins, totes, shelves etc, or can you going to build your own?

4.  If displaying many consoles, do will they be hooked up, or just readily available for hook up?


I will show some of what he did with our (mostly his) collection and why... the reason for why is based on the above questions for consideration... because of space, which we ran out of.  Note that this will not apply to some people as all of this is custom built.


First, he wanted all the boxed PC FPS's displayed front out and easy access because of the box art... so above one meter or so around the entire room is shallow shelves which hold the boxes face out.  This takes a LOT of space to display this way, was custom built, but serves Display and Access criteria very well.



Then, for console cartridges, one project was these two Rubiks Cube chairs.  Everything has to be multi-purpose because of space constraints.  This is non-display storage, but still quick access as the sections just unstack.



For the "modern consoles" the criteria of Quick Access and storage density was more important than display of the box art/packaging so this was the outcome.  (several years old image, so looks different now) The consoles are stored on the row under the TV and under that are the most accessed cased games.  The number of games did grow too large for all four consoles under the TV (PS2, PS3, Wii, XBox) so only PS2/3 Games fit there now)



Well here is one more method of custom construction storage that is the result of running out of all that wall space pictured above.  The ceiling was still available (at the time) so custom brackets were made to fit glass shelving... this was the result.



I have more examples to post to do with plug-n-play and handhelds, but have to go for a bit and this is getting really long.  Hope this helps.



#11 necrocia OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Sep 19, 2017 7:19 PM

I really like the idea of that custom storage on the ceiling. I've been thinking of doing something similar in my apartment but haven't got around to it yet.

#12 Midnight Synergy OFFLINE  

Midnight Synergy


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Posted Wed Sep 20, 2017 1:19 PM

That Rubik's cube is a very cool idea - well done!

#13 FroggoGamer OFFLINE  


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Posted Sun Oct 8, 2017 6:57 PM

Sadly, having bug problems means I keep my games in plastic containers. I bought the Sterilite clear tubs with the seals for boxes, but for the cartridges, I have them in smaller containers that have handles. They hold about 30 games or so depending on size and they stack neatly. I have them labeled by type. Best of all, I have my "game center" on a Baker's rack so most of my games are neatly stored on the bottom rack for easy access. 

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