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Atari 2600 , 7800 n xe

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Posted Sat Oct 14, 2017 4:03 AM


No... You were going on about how it had to be some behind the scene deal or some other devious back alley scheme to deprive you of seeing these pictures to which we all laughed and said you were being paranoid (and we still do).  Seriously guys, there's a really simple explanation for all of this and CPUWIZ even mentioned it.


1. The guy had two accounts. 

2. He mentioned he had forgotten the password for the first account, which is the one he posted the pictures from, so we nuked it.

3. Nuking the first account deleted the pictures from the database


As to why he's not here anymore, who knows?  He seemed to be only interested in how much he could get for them so maybe he decided to move on when no one was making him offers?  Maybe the Illuminati got him?  Maybe he knew the secret of Covfefe and had to be eliminated for the good of the country?


I just received an e-mail from him this morning (European time) asking about the value. Luckiliy I found this topic on AtariAge  ;)


Like others already told him, I adviced him to put the stuff on Ebay.

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Posted Sat Oct 14, 2017 10:18 PM

You want an offer? I'll give you $100 for the High Score Cartridge PCB. PM me your paypal address and they money is as good as yours.

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