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ColecoVision/ADAM HDMI, COMPONENT VIDEO, S-Video, and using PC controllers

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Posted Thu Dec 21, 2017 9:39 PM

Oh god no, another Mr. Wafer Drive topic?     :woozy:

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Posted Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:01 PM

while I will say shielded cables are appropriate, really RG 6 DS for a fucking composite signal






take some more sugar pills, there's a difference tween speaker wire and video cable yes, does it need to be 6ghz double sheilded shit for a effin adam,







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Posted Thu Dec 21, 2017 11:57 PM

Have a look inside the The Standalone Coleco Adam Computer Module. Unit. ...at the wire going to the video connector, on mine at least there is about 25.4mm of unshielded composite wire exposed, I'd wager that refining the internals would cleanup the image a bit.




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Posted Fri Dec 22, 2017 1:00 AM

Towmater, I am sure there is internal hardware modifications that one could make to clean up the composite video output on the ADAM computer. However if I am going to make internally modifications I would just solder a socket to use a F18a with HDMI output (If the F18a was available). I would at least do component video or S-Video on my ColecoVision/ADAM if I start messing with the internal hardware.


The external Composite Video/Audio Hum killer that I mentioned in a prior post made my ADAM computer have a beautiful composite video output and got rid of the audio buzz (I tried a few channel 3 and 4 RF versions of the hum killer and it did not work). I am happy with the composite video output quality I am getting on my ADAM computer. For those that have the time they could take their ADAM computer apart and fix some video and audio issues like improving the internal composite wire quality, removing the DIN jack and installing a dedicated RCA audio jack in its place. Plus if one is really good at tweaking things they could fix the internal composite video ground loop problem and would no longer need a external Video/Audio Hum killer.  

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Posted Fri Dec 22, 2017 11:57 AM

I have to admit that it is nice to see a couple of DIN plug monitor cables made specifically for the ADAM instead of using cables made for other computers. Yeah, the price is higher on these ADAM cables, but the build quality looks and sounds to be doubled as well.

The idea of converting the Auxillary Port Audio/Video DIN port to just an Audio RCA port is actually a pretty good idea when you think of it. The video from the DIN port is just tapped from the RCA video Monitor Port and this small mod could actually improve the Monitor Port video output some when you think about it. The other benefit this mod would be the elimination of the need for finding a DIN plug cable for sound... just 2 RCA cables needed, 1 for Audio and 1 for Video!

Siunds like a good mod to make and fix the Composite Audio issue with the Expansion Port by correctly tapping sound from CAP#88 on the CV board (Stand-Alone Memory Console only) at the same time.




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Posted Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:04 PM

When using the standalone ADAM on a workbench, I connected a high-end third party ADAM power supply (plus I tried a few Coleco brand ADAM power supplies) to an uninterruptible power supply (UPS battery backup). The UPS also has a basic line conditioner that cleans up EMI/RFI noise. However I was still getting ground loop issues and audio hums plus faint horizontal hum lines in Smartwriter. Therefore to make sure the electricity was clean I purchased and tried out the Ebtech Hum X for $79.00 plus free shipping. This Ground Loop Hum Eliminator only works with one piece of equipment that is connected to the electrical line. It is a very popular product if the ground loop problem is coming from the AC electrical outlet. However, I verified once again that the electricity coming from the electrical outlet was clean, since this Ebtech Hum X did not clear up the problems I was having with 7 standalone ADAM computers on the workbench. Most likely if some ADAM owners were having ground loop hum issues with their AC voltage coming out of the electrical outlet, then most likely this Ebtech Hum X product would fix the problem.


So far only the Standalone ADAM Audio/Video hum killer product that I mentioned back in post 46 clears up the audio buzzing and the faint horizontal lines in the Smartwriter word processor. The reason for this is because the standalone ADAM is generating a lot of EMI/RFI noise along with creating its own internal ground loop problem when using the composite video output and dedicated audio output. Most likely a few or several internal modification to the standalone ADAM circuit board could fix the ground loop problems at the source, however the external add on Audio/Video hum killer product does a good job for those that do not want to take their standalone ADAM computer apart.

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Posted Thu Dec 28, 2017 9:06 PM

Up to a 100 feet cable between the TV/monitor and ColecoVision/ADAM is possible with excellent results


A short 3 feet RG-6 RF channel 3/4 RCA cable between the ColecoVision and TV/monitor offers the best picture and sound quality when compared to longer cables (Also a 3 feet composite video RG-6 cable between the standalone ADAM computer and TV/monitor offers the best picture and sound when compared to longer cables). The longer the cable the more signal loss.


However, I did extensive testing using a 100 feet 18 gauge RG-6 cable and the results were excellent. With the high-end 6 inch Cables Online ADM-300 Audio/Video adapter for the standalone ADAM I connected a 100 feet RG-6 cable to the composite video output and audio output on the standalone ADAM. To my surprise the picture and sound quality was beautiful and almost as good as the 3 feet RG-6 cable (However the 3 feet cable was a little sharper). This 100 feet cable also worked on the standalone ADAM computer RF channel 3/4 output, however the dedicated composite video and audio output offered a much sharper picture and sound quality when compared to the RF output.


I then connected the standalone black ColecoVision, and the 100 feet RG-6 cable offered a beautiful picture and sound quality using the RCA channel 3/4 output. Of course one should use the shortest cable possible, but it is nice to know that both the ColecoVision and ADAM computer still have a beautiful picture quality with a 100 feet cable connected. The cable that came with the ColecoVision and ADAM was a low quality 22 gauge RG-59 cable that had poor shielding. A high quality gold plated double shielded 18 gauge RG-6 cable between 3 feet and 100 feet long can offer better picture and sound quality when compared to the original cable.


Now if someone needs more than a 100 feet RCA to RCA cable for their ColecoVision or ADAM computer, then they should make a custom 14 gauge RG-11 cable that has even less signal loss when compared to a RG-6 cable. However RG-11 cable is more expensive and sometimes needs two female F to RCA adapters to make it work with the ColecoVision/ADAM. RG-6 is a good compromise for people that do not need to go over a 100 feet. Now with a RF amplifier or composite video signal booster it is possible to connect two 100 feet RG-6 sections together if one needs 200 feet for their ColecoVision/ADAM.


For one of the ColecoVision’s I tested, I was shocked at the results. The 100 feet RG-6 cable had a better picture and sound quality when compared to a 3 feet RG-6 cable. When I connected the 3 feet RG-6 cable the ColecoVision had a buzzing sound and the white text was not pure white and had colors bleeding into the white text. The reason for this issue was the ColecoVision RF modulator was putting out to strong of signal, which caused an audio buzz and white text to be bleeding over with colors. What shocked me is that when I connected the 100 feet RG-6 cable to the ColecoVision RF output the audio buzz was completely gone and the white text was almost pure white. The reason why the 100 feet cable was giving me a better picture quality is because the too strong of signal coming out of the RF modulator. The longer cable properly reduced the ColecoVision RF signal to an acceptable strength (This only happen on one ColecoVision and is not the norm). Coleco also has their RF modulators turned up higher because they shipped with 22 gauge RG-59 cables that had a lot of signal loss.


However other ColecoVision/ADAM’s I tested the 3 feet RG-6 cable on the RF output had a little sharper picture and sound quality when compared to the 100 feet RG-6 cable. Some RF modulators are working properly and are not putting out to strong of signal. If one has a ColecoVision or ADAM that is putting out to strong of RF channel 3 and 4 signal and they do not want to open the unit up to adjust the RF modulator signal level, then there are external screw on RF attenuators that range from -3db to -20db. A low cost $1.80 -20db or $1.95 -10db inline RF attenuator pad can sometimes improve the picture and sound quality of ones ColecoVision/ADAM RF output if the signal is to strong.         

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