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Without the shielding, the toggles wiggle

2600 Vader AV Mod Shielding

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Posted Thu Oct 5, 2017 2:29 AM

So, trying to have a long story short. Long time ago bought a Flashback 2 with some games off eBay.  The listing said "did not work", yeah the FB2 worked, guessing the person got confused on how the games connected to them.  Well I always had this idea of doing the FB2 cart mod inside of an actual Atari 2600.  You know, wire it all up so the toggles for the actual legit 2600 interact instead with the FB2 board and get to play the few games I have that way.

Eventually, recently, I found a cheap listing on the eBay for an Atari.  Sweet.  Listed as "broken or parts" but hey, that works for me, I only wanted the case and the switches.  Plus, come to find out it was a Vader model which is what I wanted (sorry, not a fan of wood grain).  Start looking into it, all my games would work on the FB (except maybe one, Sky Skipper, it wasn't listed as working or not) but I kept looking here which led me to the AV mod.  I figured, hey that looks simple enough.  Remove a few things, add a couple things, bam composite Atari and if it doesn't work, hell I could just go and do the FB2-2600 mod I'd imagined.

So.... almost done, bear with me... I go get some direction on what to take out, and start doing it.  Desolder all the parts I need, nice.  I don't have the transistors or anything to finish the mod, but was fun doing what I could.  Put it all back together and I notice after screwing it up that the board wiggles when I move the switches.  Didn't do that before.  Open it up, toss the top part of the shielding back into place (the directions I had said you could pitch them), put it back together, move toggles, not as much wiggling.  Unscrew, place the bottom shield back into place, put back together, no more wiggling at all.

So I guess the question I have here is... a) do I need the shielding after all?  I mean I'm not against dremeling out the majority of it so it has the 'bumper' to hold it in place, just curious.  Revision 16 board.  Is there something else I could do to hold the motherboard in place in the console without the shielding there?  Or is this just something we accept and live with? Also, b) my FB-n-2600 idea, where I'm using the 2600 cart slot and all the toggles, switches, controller ports to control the FB board, how crazy is the idea?  I could imagine a mess of wires but beyond that.  Space wise it looks like it'll fit, and it was not only my original idea, but currently my back up idea if in case the unit actually is broken like the eBay listing said it was.  And no, they didn't say what was wrong with it.

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Posted Thu Oct 5, 2017 9:33 PM

Well, I can't help you with the FB2 and all that other stuff, but I can tell you, if you tighten up the two rear screws on the Vader, it holds the board in very securely, with or without the shielding. :)

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Posted Fri Oct 6, 2017 2:32 AM

Huh, I guess I was just babying the thing too much originally.  Weird that ultimately it's only being held in with two screws though, but I guess they were betting on us not ripping these things apart and removing parts.

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Posted Fri Oct 6, 2017 6:08 AM

Shielding is likely just to please FCC and serves little if any actual purpose. I mean it could (but is unlikely) send or receive interference. Case of try it and see.

As for wiggling, it could be the tolerance on parts is just that close. It was made with the intent to have the shields in place. Depending on thickness, you could probably substitute the metal for a piece of different material, or just leave the shielding in unless its in the way for your project.

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