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The Atari Benelux Computer road show....

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Posted Thu Nov 9, 2017 4:34 PM

My buddy Fred from www.Atarimuseum.nl  is constantly digging around newspaper websites and finding all kinds of documents that have to do with the Atari Benelux company.


Two of the pictures he just put up made my jaw drop.



It was in 1984 when I was at a Dutch "Centerparcs" https://www.centerparcs.com having a short holiday with my parents and cousin.


While roaming around the parc we discovered that there was temporary an Atari stand with only XL computers ! It was a roadshow to promote the XL computers around the country....


I already had owned my 600XL for quite some time by then, but my cousin and I hung around the stand and played a bit with the machines.


At one point, a quiz was started by the "host"..... my memory says that the quiz was actually run on the XL computers. I have no idea how they kept the score) but since the quiz was about the basic specifications of the XL's I won easily and got some Atari promotion stuff as a prize (damn I wish I still had it all).....


Some time later, they held a Pole Position match......and yeah....I had the game at home so with quite a bit of practice behing me I won again......


The hosts of the stand (who clearly were just some generic promotion crew guys who didn't give a damn about Atari or the machines they were promoting) were clearly not happy that I had won again, did give me the price though and then told me I couldn't  compete again ! :D


Anyway.....already some time ago I found a newspaper article with a picture of that very roadshow stand, but Fred just dug up another picture which also shows a truck, complete with huge Atari logo, Atari name and COMPUTERSHOW under the Atari name.....


Sadly, the pics are only in newspaper (80's newspaper) quality but I love them still because of the memory linked to it :)




We have some information that one of the kiosks was at Atari Benelux' office for a number of years but....it has disappeared since. I like them but they look to be VERY bulky ....


Anyway, go have a look around at Fred's website.

Some direct links:








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Posted Fri Nov 10, 2017 12:36 PM

Interesting story! :)

Fred's work on Atari Benelux is awesome.

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