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On the continued availability of computer parts and homebrew hardware.

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Posted Thu Nov 9, 2017 5:03 PM



This thread at Applefritter got me thinking about the continued long-term availability of homebrew hardware.


The situation is this. A homebrew hardware maker is selling (has sold) a bunch of stuff to a scalper that turns around and asks for like $100 more on ebay. The guy seems to apparently buy it all up and that leaves nothing available for you or me.


I argue that this state of affairs turns me off from the original maker as well as the overpriced seller. I won't mention names, but you can read the thread and decide for yourself.


What makes the situation unpleasant is the limited run of the items. And more annoying is that the web page looks and presents itself as a storefront that's perpetually out of things to sell. It also seems my view is shared by others.




To be entirely fair, limited runs aren't all that different than those "windows of desirability & availability" for spare parts for vintage computers. Like my old laptop, for the past 7 years parts were all over ebay at high prices as usual, then the quantity of parts started shrinking, and now the prices have dropped to where I can get a whole mainboard for like $10.00. Interest has gone down. Also, now, too, not everything is being sold anymore - it's like no one wants to bother with obscure parts for a 15 year old "specialty" computer. Seems like the whole gig has run its course up and down the bell curve.




I would be remiss in my duties to  not make mention of the CFFA3000. This gig is rather different. They become available periodically, as they always have for many many years now. And that is fine, it seems to have worked well. Only a few were scalped in-between runs. And we have great communication with the maker, and we have advance warning this may be the last run. But again to Rich's credit it will be a BIG run.




Let's discuss this so that we may all have realistic and proper expectations without undue angst and finger-pointing.

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Posted Thu Nov 9, 2017 6:24 PM

On the few things I have made my personal choice is to open source the designs when I get tired of fooling with it

That may not be the choice for others but usually by the time I got that point I have had my fun and got what I put into it

Besides even after a thing is open its not like I can't still make it

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