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Rampage (Graphics Hack)

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Posted Wed Dec 6, 2017 9:36 PM

First, I don't mean to disappoint, but I do not have a ROM ready for download yet.  I decided to start this thread so everyone can track its progress and see the current state instead of there being a handful of screenshots spread across a couple of threads that I can't even keep track of myself.  :)


For now, all I have time to share is a handful of screenshots of the latest work I did (last summer around June 2017).  At the time, I had updated the intermission/character selection graphics and was trying to figure out a good sprite set for George.  I thought I was making good progress, (walking, looking up & down, and hurt sprites), when I realized the punching sprite is offset by one more pixel than I thought.  This means I need to slim down George by yet another pixel in width.  At that point, several things happened: 1 - I was a bit discouraged again, 2 - I started getting much more busy, 3 - I moved, moved, and moved again to where I'm currently living and haven't been home much since arriving here.


All that said, I definitely would like to see this project through because Rampage is one of my favorite games and I always wanted to see a graphically improved version on the 7800.  However... due to my limited time (I'll be either away from home and/or very very busy until spring 2018), and the difficulty of getting these character sprites to all line up properly, I would REALLY LOVE it if someone with more skill would be willing to help with either finding how to re-align the sprites in the code, or helping with making a character sprite set to fit the very convoluted current alignment.


Anyway, without further adieu... here are some screens of the latest work.  I will continue to add as I get time.


Character Selection/Intermission Graphics (only 2 at a time, of course)

Rampage (George-Lizzie-Ralph font3).png


George walking sprites (need to still be trimmed by 1 pixel in width)

Rampage (edit 6-21-2017)_01.png Rampage (edit 6-21-2017)_02.png Rampage (edit 6-21-2017)_03.png


Title Screen

Rampage (Title).png

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Posted Sun Jan 7, 2018 7:24 AM

To answer a recent inquiry of an available ROM to download, one has not been provided yet.  Regarding the following statement from Kevin above...


...I would REALLY LOVE it if someone with more skill would be willing to help with either finding how to re-align the sprites in the code, or helping with making a character sprite set to fit the very convoluted current alignment...


...please see this post for more details.  Relevant section(s) have been reiterated below for convenience and consolidation... 


"If anyone would like to help with the character sprites, I've put together a sheet to help see how they align (or don't align).  As you can see, some of them align a little odd which was causing a lot of difficulty in aligning new sprites, before I put this together.  Also, the punching arm/fist actually overlaps the main body sprites.  The same thing goes for Lizzie's tail... it overlaps the main body sprite.  Other than Lizzie's tail, the other characters are exactly the same as George.  The lighter background is the boundary for each sprite.  I left a 1 pixel space between them for visual cues.  Each sprite is numbered to show when it is used in multiple cases.  There are a few superfluous combinations I didn't include.

The ideal way would be if someone with the skill were to edit the alignment tables for the sprites.  This is beyond my ability, so unless someone volunteers, we'll just have to work within the current alignment/layout of the existing character sprites.  Even so, we can still make them look much better, IMO.
post-9364-0-04235400-1399240092.png "

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Posted Mon Mar 5, 2018 9:12 PM

Damn that looks slick! 

I always hated the art direction of the original game. It seemed so needlessly simple, with that monster Muppet Baby look. This looks like Rampage!

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Posted Mon Mar 5, 2018 10:31 PM

I hope this sees release.  It does look fantastic!

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