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Rampage (Graphics Hack)

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Posted Wed Dec 6, 2017 9:36 PM

First, I don't mean to disappoint, but I do not have a ROM ready for download yet.  I decided to start this thread so everyone can track its progress and see the current state instead of there being a handful of screenshots spread across a couple of threads that I can't even keep track of myself.  :)


For now, all I have time to share is a handful of screenshots of the latest work I did (last summer around June 2017).  At the time, I had updated the intermission/character selection graphics and was trying to figure out a good sprite set for George.  I thought I was making good progress, (walking, looking up & down, and hurt sprites), when I realized the punching sprite is offset by one more pixel than I thought.  This means I need to slim down George by yet another pixel in width.  At that point, several things happened: 1 - I was a bit discouraged again, 2 - I started getting much more busy, 3 - I moved, moved, and moved again to where I'm currently living and haven't been home much since arriving here.


All that said, I definitely would like to see this project through because Rampage is one of my favorite games and I always wanted to see a graphically improved version on the 7800.  However... due to my limited time (I'll be either away from home and/or very very busy until spring 2018), and the difficulty of getting these character sprites to all line up properly, I would REALLY LOVE it if someone with more skill would be willing to help with either finding how to re-align the sprites in the code, or helping with making a character sprite set to fit the very convoluted current alignment.


Anyway, without further adieu... here are some screens of the latest work.  I will continue to add as I get time.


Character Selection/Intermission Graphics (only 2 at a time, of course)

Rampage (George-Lizzie-Ralph font3).png


George walking sprites (need to still be trimmed by 1 pixel in width)

Rampage (edit 6-21-2017)_01.png Rampage (edit 6-21-2017)_02.png Rampage (edit 6-21-2017)_03.png


Title Screen

Rampage (Title).png

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