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Reiko's Robot Run

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Posted Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:36 PM

hmm I have a dilemna, going back to France in a week from now, is there a chance that the letter travel from Finland to Sweden in just 7 days :D

Posted on sunday in Finland, delivered today in France.

You can also order to a french postal adress and put it under the christmas tree ;)

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Posted Wed Dec 13, 2017 4:37 PM

Cool.....that parallax scrolling gave me a Moon Patrol feeling :)

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Posted Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:23 PM

Awesome work!  Ordered =D =D =D

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Posted Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:12 PM

Is it just me, or do this game's graphics kind of resemble Psychic World on the Master System and Game Gear?

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Posted Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:13 AM

Cool.....that parallax scrolling gave me a Moon Patrol feeling :)


:thumbsup: :)


Awesome work!  Ordered =D =D =D


Thanks man!


Is it just me, or do this game's graphics kind of resemble Psychic World on the Master System and Game Gear?


It's not really inspired by any single game, but you're right that it's 'cartoony' :) The cute cartoon style is a general stylistic choice which was very common on 8-bit and 16-bit systems, especially in japanese games. I didn't use cartoon images or game images for reference, but I did use some photo reference of the hovercrafts and stuff to be able to cartoonify them. Cartoons are the same as caricatures where you exaggerate stuff with meticulous thought, if stuff is exaggerated without thought it's just distortion. There's basically two main ways to exaggerate stuff to make it cartoony, either by stretching stuff out or by squashing it. My main inspirations for the chibi (means cute) style in RRR was bubble bobble and rainbow islands, but it's been common practice, not only by the japanese, since the early days of cartoons and animation to draw cute characters 'two heads or two and a half heads tall', one head-length for the head and one head-length for the rest. I think the style works really well on older systems with limited resolution, and often sprites with tiny resolution, it was a smart move by the japanese. Obviously cartoons are powerful visual statements too because of their exaggeration and simplification. I wish there would be more games with a cartoon style now a days, the technology is not in the way anymore, just look at cuphead, paper mario color splash and wario shake it / the shake dimension etc.. Sorry for the wall of text :-D I'm quite passionate about 'toons.

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Posted Thu Dec 14, 2017 2:18 AM

Is it just me, or do this game's graphics kind of resemble Psychic World on the Master System and Game Gear?

More like Game Gear. The characters are smaller in the Master System version. This of course matters not.

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Posted Yesterday, 2:44 AM

Looks nice. :)


Will this be available for download for us flashcard users? 

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Posted Yesterday, 3:21 AM

The current agreement with  TLL was to only have it on the cart as a filler.


The download in 10 days from now will be just the novel.




Snowing. I love it as the snow lights up everything icon_smile.gif


This is as much light as we get today. Pitch black when I go to work and pitch black when I get home.

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Posted Yesterday, 12:46 PM

@Guitari: Glad I'm not the only one who noticed.


@Turbo Laser Lynx: You aren't the only one here who's passionate about classic cartoons, and animation in general. I also say that you're better at drawing sprites for the Lynx than me, or most official developers for that matter.

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Posted Today, 6:32 AM

Hi everyone! I'm happy to announce my new little game 'Reiko's Robot Run'. It is released on physical cartridge alongside Karri's 'Always Winter, Never Christmas'. 
Karri has been helping me with my Lynx endeavors for many, many years, so I'm very happy to be part of this co-release. Extra special thanks to him and big thanks to everyone who's been working on tools and documentation, making Lynx game creation possible and more enjoyable over the years.
I hope you enjoy this little game that is a parody, or caricature if you will, of something very popular. The game is about a girl called Reiko whose story we all know too well, collecting junk every day to get her food, gazing at the stars and dreaming away.
- You control Reiko on her hover-moped.
- Watch out for Swarmtroopers.
- Collect junk B33r robots.
- Admire crashed 'Planet Pulverizer' star ship in the background 
- Dig the music.
- Every 100 points the Junkyard alien Unken Prutt will give you one third of a food ration (one energy).
- He wants you to try and get 1000 junk if you can.
Dev Stuff:
It's quite ridiculous how much effort goes into a small game like this when you want to cover all the standard parts of a game, and to have some sort of quality! I spent every night for one full month last autumn and every night for one full month this autumn developing it. But I must say that I had such a good time.
I set out to re-learn how to create a small Lynx game, but my main goal was to learn how to develop ALL the most important parts needed for creating a 'real/full' Lynx game next (because that's always been my dream). Some stuff I managed to figure out my self and again many things I learned from the kind Lynx developers here at Atari Age. 
Stuff I Learned (Successes!):
- Learning about developing the most important parts needed for a 'real/full' Lynx game
- Learning how to use Karri's cart segments (loading in new parts from cart to RAM).
- First Lynx game where I put real effort into the graphics
- First Lynx game where I put real effort into the music
- Learning more about chipper, slowly but surely (Thanks for the wonderful tool Sage!)
- Learning how to have music and sfx side by side (Thanks Sage, Karri and Tonma!)
- Re-learning how to use the Lynx palette (which can be tricky).
Special thanks to LX.net for his amazing Lynx tutorials, without them this project would not have been possible.
Some adversity:
In many ways it was a typical development project, because when I was about 98% done I learned about the Lynx hardware hoff and voff registers (I've only recently realized that 'custom hardware' is exciting) and I thought that I probably should re-write and re-draw big parts of the whole thing. However I will go by the theories that you have to finish something to be able to move on, and that you learn by doing, being a total perfectionist only slows down learning. Now I can move on to something new and better for the Lynx.
The scrolling is not perfect, you can choose in the options of the game to either have smoother scrolling that is a bit blurry (not as blurry as in the video, I guess the fps of the Lynx is higher that the camera/video) or clearer scrolling that is less smooth and has some hick ups. Still I wanted to leave both settings in the game. In my own opinion the game looks pretty nice on a real Lynx, especially on a McWill Lynx. And I thought I was so smart using the Lynx scaling to stretch out a small blue box for the sky and a small orange box for the ground, and then only scroll smaller sprites!
Anyways, cheers to everyone here at the Lynx forum and hopefully you will have fun with the game for a while and/or enjoy the graphics and the music :)

Hello, I'd like to buy a cart of Reikos Robot Run but u couldn't find it on your website.
Could you give me a link to order page?


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