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How to blame others for own incompat. code

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Posted Mon Dec 18, 2017 2:39 PM

I just spotted this: 


Program: STVidPlay ------------------ Error: "Error in getting file location"   Bug analysis: Program looks for a specific 2-byte sequence in the hard disk driver code pointed to by hdv_rw ($476). If it doesn't find that sequence within bytes 6-48 (or thereabouts) of the start of the driver, it

gives the error message."

This is at: https://github.com/e...ncompatible.txt


"This is a list of programs that have program bugs or shortcomings that prevent them from running properly with EmuTOS, and whose problem has

been definitively identified."


Now, did they really check it properly ?

Things are that that 2-byte seq search appears only after first check, which may fail if hard disk driver has no proper PUN structure (Ataris official extension for specific info about attached hard disk interface type, some parameters) . With such driver, with proper PUN structure that 2 byte search seq, happens not at all. Program will find where is file exactly on hard disk, and will use low level fast access.

So, EmuTOS folks used probably own hard disk driver - maybe even wrong type :) - for instance ACSI for player version for IDE adapters  :-D

Or it is just that their driver supports not PUN properly. Or just EmuTOS follows not same way how TOS performing hard disk access.

It's so easy to blame others. And no, I will not report this to EmuTOS team. It will turn in endless discussion without any progress.

Who needs EmuTOS anyway ? It's slower than 30 years old regular TOS versions.

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Posted Mon Dec 18, 2017 6:21 PM

I traced it little with latest EmuTOS 2.0.0 . It is just that EmuTOS is so smart, that he using complete own way for installing hard disk driver. Nothing like in regular TOS versions. Most likely it just uses own driver instead what is on disk as autoboot driver. And it works so damn slow, btw ,. that getting info about some longer partition may take over minute.

And of course. my well established system for getting file location works not on their total incompatible hard disk driver solution. Hey. EmuTOS team, let people using usual hard disk drivers !


P.S. : Huhahaha .... their blame even famous Spectrum 512 for bad code.  You know what: that program will be remembered as something special, new way on Atari. EmuTOS will be remembered as pathetic slowness, incompatibleness of bragging lame coders :-D

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Posted Sun Dec 24, 2017 3:14 PM

I don't see any reason to keep this thread open.

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