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A8 Space Invaders variations and clones

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#26 slx OFFLINE  



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Posted Tue Jan 2, 2018 1:21 PM

Wavy Navy is great as well, very intense gameplay and a lot more challenges than "normal" invaders.



If you go that route, there are some good ones, like Bandits and Wavy Navy...

#27 MrFish ONLINE  


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Posted Tue Jan 2, 2018 3:10 PM

Wavy Navy is great as well, very intense gameplay and a lot more challenges than "normal" invaders.


Some people are probably not aware, there are two versions of this game in circulation.

One version has helicopters that shoot and there's another version where they don't.

#28 Mclaneinc OFFLINE  



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Posted Wed Jan 3, 2018 3:16 AM

Ah, I thought I was going nuts, I noticed that a little while ago when we all were having a chat about the game and got the taste to play it and thought it was kind of weird the choppers were not shooting but put it down to me  miss remembering,  thank you MrFish, small amount of sanity recovered :)


As for Bandits and AE, like Wavy Navy they are excellent Invaders / Galaxian type shooters, I played Bandits solidly for ages after I got it, apart from the screen lag when the screen got busy with enemies it was just great fun, the feeling of making it through one of those torturous bouncing ball waves was great (Pang before Pang). AE's only bug bear was the shooting mechanism, just undercooking the button press to then be wiped out by a low strafing baddie was annoying but you just had to see the next screen..  (too few)

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Posted Yesterday, 3:14 PM

Speaking of Bandits... does anyone have an .xex version of it? I wanted to put it on a MaxFlash cart, but the only version I have is an .atr and it's not working (crashes).

#30 bbking67 OFFLINE  



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Posted Yesterday, 7:50 PM

So out of all these I'd say the Roklan Deluxe Invaders (which incidentally is an *official* port of the arcade game) is the best one.  I always hated the Atari 8-bit version.  5200 version is only slightly better.


This is one case where the VCS versions is way better.  In spite of the VCS Space Invaders not being very faithful it's fun and the variations a pretty fun.

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Posted Yesterday, 8:05 PM

Does Space Pussies count?



Louis BQ

#32 doug0909 OFFLINE  


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Posted Today, 4:54 AM

A bit off topic, but I asked this elsewhere and didn't hear back, still curious... I loved the 5200 version of space invaders with the analog controls, despite the joysticks. Right now my 5200 is gathering dust and I'm getting into the A8 bit. Is there a conversion of 5200 space invaders to 8 bit which allows paddle controls? For that matter are there 5200 to 8bit conversions of Galaxian or Pole Position that translate the analog controls to paddle control? I looked and I don't think so, but I think that'd add an interesting twist to gameplay for all 3 games, especially space invaders....

#33 _The Doctor__ ONLINE  

_The Doctor__

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Posted Today, 6:22 AM

Most of the time they just convert them to normal joystick, especially if that's what it was in the arcade originally.

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