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Space Battle: unable to reproduce endless battle bug

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Posted Wed Jan 10, 2018 7:20 AM

On the Digital Press web site they mention the following Space Battle bug.


"Kill all of the aliens except for one.  Next, lose all of your ships except for one, and time it so that you kill each other.  The total alien count should then roll over to 99+ aliens and you will have to fight them all ("infinite fighting")."



I reproduced the scenario described but couldn't reproduce the bug.  First I tried it per battle; I did it for both the original and updated roms using jzintv emulation.  Then I tried it on a real Sears Intellivision and a real Space Battle cartridge with the updated rom.  I then tried in emulation again for not just the battle but for the entire game.  In all cases the battles end normally without the enemy ship count rolling over to 99.


Below are a couple of screenshots from jzintv.  The first one is from the original rom, the second is from the updated rom.  In both cases I won the game and all enemy ships are destroyed.  I also managed to lose all of my ships at the same time.  The two white dots  remaining on the original rom, are enemy ships even though they've all been detroyed (ie "all clear").


Maybe my timing is not precise enough; ie. too much delay between my killing the last alien and having my last ship destroyed.  Although I'm pretty sure I've had it happen at the same instant.  Has anyone here seen this bug happen or reproduced it?



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Posted Wed Jan 10, 2018 6:03 PM

Someone just needs to post a hacked rom that is an infinite battle.

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