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Boot Disk Games. No directory

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#26 Wrathchild ONLINE  


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Posted Tue Mar 6, 2018 3:31 PM

Pete, are you throwing out the O/S entirely with your games? If just temporarily, e.g. minimal IRQ/NMI, then those could be restored when the load/save is required.

Granted zeropage and page3 addresses will also be by I/O routines but keeping it simple and just reading/writing blocks of memory to know sectors shouldn't be discarded.

Even without the O/S then something like Koronis Rift does to load&save by supplying it's own (almost identical to those in the O/S) disk I/O routines is an approach.

However if you want to treat files as named assets then the xBios road is probably the path to take.

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Posted Tue Mar 6, 2018 10:47 PM

Secretum Labyrinth has been using the RAM under the OS, but it is not too hard to turn the OS back on, just would need to set pages 0,2,3. Page 4 and up are being used by the game. So having DOS loaded in probably mess things up really bad.


I stated I am considering XBIOS as a possible option to save progress to disk. Issues with XBIOS, it does not have the ability to create new files, so the disk will need to pre populated with blank files to save to. Also considering it for other functions like alternate RMT music or fonts.  Another way to save game progress is put the game on a flash cart and have an unused bank for saving game files. I have the subroutines to flash to several different types of flash cartridges, but most likely be AtariMax flash cart.  


As far as I am aware of XBIOS is not owned by any particular person or is under copyright, and looks like something anybody could had came up with. I can always alter it also, omit the portions I do not need, etc.


I never bought anything up piracy here or stated anything about it awhile, so please it is useless to keep re-hashing old subjects. I am not the only one with concerns about it.


I have been looking at how well people sold their games through other software house and on other media. Looking to see if there is anything I could be doing better. People been telling over the years I "WILL" do better if I did this or that, and now been finding out it would not had made much difference. However, Video 61 started laminating instruction sheets, using a protective clam shell with labels on them, and putting a clear coating over the cartridge labels.  I understand a few people had 200-500 printed boxes, instruction manuals, glossy labels for the disk or cartridge, made up and spending good chunk of money. Then only sell less than a quarter units they had hoped for. I would not do anything have more than 100 of anything made.

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Posted Wed Mar 7, 2018 1:57 AM

xbios is free, even more: you don't have to place info you use xB if you don't want.

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Posted Wed Mar 7, 2018 5:30 PM

Do you know his life situation ? I don't, but he's still contributing to the community with new games, new ideas, new development.


If he redirected his passion to regular SW dev, he could make not 10 times, not 100 times, but literally 1,000 more money than from those few dozen copies.


So, please - for the love of god - enough with the "Money" argument. I'm pretty sure he couldn't survive on that in Romania, let alone in New York. I just checked and 1-bedroom apartment goes for $800-$1,500 in Buffalo.

Rent for 1 bedroom here in Buffalo can come down to as low as $500 per month, depending on which section. $1500 per month is closer to New York City pricing. 


I really enjoy the games I've bought from Pete, as anyone can tell by my reviews in Excel. I will continue to buy games from him that interest me too. I just hate his attitude over his software piracy paranoia, and even that I wouldn't care about, but then he wants help from the community but refuses to release stuff that others might actually help him with if he did. he expects others to share, except for him. It reminds me of a spoiled brat kid.


Thankyou for enjoying my games. I have shared Secretum Labyrinth Kings Gold and had made several updates to this game since it has been released. It is just the other Secretum Labyrinth games need to have more so people will have more of a reason to buy the cartridge. 


I would like to add the save progress option to the next Secretum Labyrinth cartridge because people may not be able to solve the game in one session. There seems to be demand for me to add this function. Options I can do is Save to Disk, Save to Tape, or Save to Flash cartridge.  


I really want to see this next Secretum Labyrinth Dark Castles get developed into something really great. Working on new ways to challenge you to get past points in the dungeon with hints encrypted in riddles. Trying to see if I can do something more with the graphics and animations also. 

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