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Entry 2018: MazezaM

intellivision intybasic MazezaM

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Posted Tue Apr 3, 2018 10:29 AM

Hey, first-time AtariAge poster here.  I came across this contest over the weekend and decided to give IntyBASIC a try.  I found it to be well documented and also very easy to use, and I was surprised at how quickly that games can be prototyped with it.  (In contrast, I have previously tried my hand at writing NES games, and found it to be much more difficult to get set up.)  So thank you to the creators of IntyBASIC and this contest for getting me started on something that I had been wanting to try for quite some time!   This is also my first time looking into the Intellivision and find the system to be quite fun to work with.


For my first program prototype I chose to port the puzzle game MazezaM which was invented by Malcolm Tyrrell.  The game is similar to Sokoban in the sense that you push boxes and cannot pull them.  However, there are several differences:

  • The goal is to escape the maze (as opposed to putting the boxes in particular locations).
  • The boxes cannot be moved vertically.
  • Horizontal pushes causes all boxes in that row to move simultaneously

Malcolm first implemented the game for the ZX Spectrum in 2002 and released it under the GPL.  Since then it has been ported to over 30 platforms by various programmers.  This includes commercial releases on the ColecoVision and SNES (and on Android under the name 'Rote'), but as far as I can tell it has never appeared on the Intellivision.  The following link includes an overview of the previous releases, and a link to a version of the game that you can play online in HTML5 using the PuzzleScript game engine: https://sites.google...zezam-home-page


This first draft includes the 30 levels that shipped with Malcolm's 2010 release of the game.  Overall, these puzzles are very challenging, and don't be surprised if you get stuck on one of the early levels for 10 minutes or more.  You can restart a level by pressing any button (at least that is what the implementation is supposed to do).


I have attached the .rom file and also a .zip file containing the source code (which is quite rough at this point).


As mentioned above this has just been a weekend project thus far, so there are many ways in which I'd like to improve the game before the contest ends.  However, I'd also like to hear your thoughts.


Thank you for reading this somewhat long post and please enjoy!





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Posted Tue Apr 3, 2018 10:59 AM

For being your first game is pretty impressive and slick :) well done! :thumbsup:

From a first glance I've the following suggestions:

* Center level in screen.
* Add a level indicator (it could be before the level with level title like in the HTML5 puzzle you linked)
* Add a title screen.
* You could animate the arms to look like pushing.
* Add a background music or music when having success.
* Maybe a sound effect for walking with option to turn it on/off.
* A count of steps
* Draw bitmaps for blocks and walls.
* Maybe a 16x16 tiled background like a curtain behind small levels.

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Posted Tue Apr 3, 2018 11:36 AM

Man this is fun! Here are a few ideas I had while playing your game:


- A count up timer. It doesn't have to be real time, but something that lets the player keep track of personal bests. Good for speedrun competitions too!

- Limited restarts. Since the game is pretty hard, you could set the value high. This combined with the timer would add some extra difficulty.

- Easy/Hard mode, Practice/Tournament mode, something to that effect.

- Background story. Are you playing hide and seek with your friend in a warehouse? Did your pet get lost on a mountain? This could help set a theme for your gameplay (and border graphics assuming you center your game).

- Cutscenes. Maybe a little animation or story development every few levels. This would split up the gameplay so things don't get too monotonous.


Every once in a while it looked like the player movement lagged behind block movement for a frame or two, so that's something you might look into. I'm excited to see your progress!

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Posted Sat Apr 28, 2018 1:50 PM

I agree with the above comments, the game mechanics work well, now it's all about polishing and adding options and dressing it up a bit now, storyline/fancy up bg gfx, sound effects etc.

look forward to seeing your next revision.

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