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How do you implement X07 (Atariage) Bankswitching?

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Posted Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:08 AM

I'm trying to implement X07 bankswitching. I've consulted the guide (see below), and it's still not clear to me which address I should be calling. I've also stepped through an X07 ROM and seen that the different banks are called with LDA $1FEx. But then when I add that to my 64k ROM I get nothing.

Can someone give me the quick scoop on how to set it up and what values to use?




X07 (Atariage)
Apparently, this was only used on one cart: Stella's Stocking.
Similar to EF, there are 16 4K banks, for a total of up to 64K of ROM.

The addresses to select banks is below the ROM area, however.

The following TWO masks are used:

A13            A0
0 1xxx nnnn 1101

This means the address 80B selects bank 0, 81B selects bank 1, etc.

In addition to this, there is another way:

A13            A0
0 0xxx 0nxx xxxx

This is somewhat special purpose: Accessing here does nothing, unless one of the last two banks are selected (banks 14 or 15). In that case, the new bank is:

111n i.e. accessing 0000 will select bank 14 (Eh, 1110b) while accessing 0040 will select bank 15 (Fh, 1111b). This allows for bankswitching by accessing TIA registers at 00-3F or 40-7F without incurring any overhead.



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