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Show us your bench, and I got a new toy

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#1 Osgeld OFFLINE  



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Posted Thu Apr 12, 2018 9:37 PM

I did not see a previous topic and I got a new toy today 




so starting from left to right, is my 13 inch 1024x768 "720p" lcd tv that accepts 240p over component and 15khz over vga along with composite, rf, svideo, and hdmi, next to that is my "who gives a shit" 19 inch dell computer monitor connected to a "who gives a shit" computer 


to the right of that is my HP multimeter that I bought from Boeing Ohio in 2015 with a next cal due date of October of 2016 for like 70 bucks on ebay, below that is my 1988 Kenwood 20mhz analog/digital hybrid scope, my former employer was chucking it in the trash "cause it did not work" ... it didnt work cause the line brightness was turned all the way down, I have had it since 2010


hidden in the shadows under the monitors is an xytronic soldering and a el-cheapo ebay hot air station and smack dab in the middle is my new toy 


its a Leader LBO-5860A waveform monitor, that I found today at the 99 cent goodwill outlet. I didnt really know what it did but its test gear and it powered up, and it was a buck so I took it home. If I did not need it off to ebay it goes! Once outside the store I started really looking at it and the bell dinged, in a nutshell this is a specialized analog scope specifically made to monitor analog video signals such as RGB + 2 sync, RGB with 1 sync, RGB with sync on green, RGBI with sync's, composite, or svideo all with passthough. 


I could not get the machine to do much more than power on at the 99 cent outlet, but I saw it was powering on and rapid power cycles was giving me CRT ghost lines so the major parts seemed to be working (aka it did not catch fire and there was some green activity on the screen) and once I got it home, cleaned off most of the funk from its case and sprayed all the controls with "pow-r-wash" industrial contact cleaner it sprang right up to life. 


so I was expecting to make a buck I basically got myself a tool that can handle more or less every analog video signal while leaving my scope free to do power and digital stuff, which its better suited for 







#2 -^CrožBow^- ONLINE  



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Posted Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:02 AM

Awesome grab! I'd like to see how clearly it shows a standard NTSC broadcast signal for reference. 

#3 Turbo-Torch OFFLINE  



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Posted Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:32 PM

This is my basic bench setup.  Also have a dedicated workshop in the garage, but it's mostly automotive.

Scopes are Agilent.  Several digital VOMs and my ancient Simpson because sometimes you just need analog.

Various power supplies, signal generator etc.  Lots of light and magnification as getting old sucks.

The mini TV at the right is awesome, it changes from an 80s looking clock radio to a TV like a Transformer.  It was a Craigslist find from a few years ago along with 2 TRS-80 Model 100 computers for free.



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