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CHI Friday - Companion gathering to Chicago TI World Faire

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Posted Thu May 17, 2018 8:33 PM

Friday is still mostly unorganized, but the idea for at least one programming clinic has been bandied about and if it solidifies there will be a formal announcement.


Would be great to see other "clinic" sessions on Friday, as well.  We have plenty of room for it and having them available might help draw more attendees.  Even something like SMD soldering or using PCB layout programs (KiCad, etc.) as, while not inherently TI, are skills from which some of us could benefit.  In terms of programming, live follow-along demonstrations of things like using cross-assembly programming tool-chains for the TI (assembly, C, etc.)  I have a few loaner laptops I rent to customers I could make available for such use.


Friday would be a great day for "do and learn."  Given the amount of time available, someone could do minor repairs for people, too.


I am planning to make large poster boards for the event and any sessions will be prominently displayed.

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