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**Now Working** Ps1 Modchips not working. Using pic12f629

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Posted Tue May 15, 2018 8:12 PM

Ok so nothing like wasting 3 hrs or so trying to mod a ps1 I don't even need as I already have a modded unit. At this point it is purely about principle.


I have tried programming numerous times different files.





The first I tried was PSX 12F629 package and it says that a 9000 series only uses 3 wires w/ a jumper. I am not sure this pcb is a 9000 series though as the unit says on bottom it is a 7501. Wiring this way will not play any games even original w/that jumper there, I think the wiring diagram may be wrong.


I then tried, this mm3 hex dump




This however gives me a configuration verify failed error which I believe is a programming glitch. Using Gq-4x. topic started here about it.




I have the option of changing the file format I have tried programming the hex file as binary and hex, nothing works. Well original games will play but not burned.


Below are the pics of what I am using for wiring.


Here is the psx wiring given for the pcb I am using.








Here is the mm3 wiring given for the pcb I am using









Here is the file format choice I can choose when I load the hex file.






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Posted Mon May 21, 2018 5:30 PM

Ok, so just in case this helps anyone. I decided to try the mm3 again on the pic12f629. This was after many failed attempts LOL. This time I used a different USB port and made sure to have external power on my GQ-4X programmer. I chose hex files and loaded the USA hex file and in the file format mode I chose hex file as well. I then as well lowered the write speed from +2 down to 0.


I soldered in a test socket into a 90001 model. I had 2 chips that worked. One was bad and another would program but not work either. At least now I am set-up w/a tester ps1, so I can program and test these and know if they are good or not.


The configuration verify failed happened even though the chips worked. That is a programmer error.

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Posted Wed May 30, 2018 1:19 PM

Just chiming in that I couldn't get any pic to verify writing in hex with a GQ-4X either, but they ultimately did work for the application I wrote them for.

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