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Posted Wed May 16, 2018 1:48 AM

Yesterday I tried my hand at making something for the Pokemon Mini. After a successful "Hello World," I decided to try my hand at making an image appear on the screen. But this is as far as I got. I have no idea how to make a sprite appear on the screen and move it around. I looked at various code from other games and didn't understand any of it.
Which is too bad because I have an idea for a game now. And it's also too bad that I can't try what I did on a real Pokemon Mini because the guy that said he's going to make a flash card is slower than SaiNT is with his Jaguar one. So an emulator will have to suffice.
Perhaps I'll make a Pokemon Party 2 game since my idea probably won't take up that much space. This is of course assuming I ever get a sprite moving on the screen.

So this game starts with a text screen, then alternates between it and the title screen. Pressing A on the text screen moves to the title screen and pressing A on the title screen leads to a picture that says "TEST". I don't know anything about Pokemon, but this little rat-like one is called a Marill. He likes to dive underwater and eat the plants that grow there. My game idea revolves around him dodging fish, much like the Oranges game I made, but this time, you have to watch out for his tail, which floats like a buoy on the water. If he's hit, he can gain back energy by eating the plants on the bottom of the screen.

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