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Search does not yield accurate results?

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#1 icemanxp300 OFFLINE  


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Posted Fri May 18, 2018 5:57 AM

I have noticed searching keywords does not always bring up all threads. I just now went in the wanted section because I wanted to find my thread I created to see what game I was looking for to make sure I didn't get it. I typed in "icemanxp300" while it showed me 3 pages the thread I was looking for did not show up.


I then remembered it was likely "Wild Arms Alter Code F". So I went back and typed in "Wild Arms" and boom first search entry was my thread. Is there a glitch as to why when I searched my name it had shown me a topic I created like 6 years ago about sobe but not one from last year?

#2 Albert OFFLINE  



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Posted Fri May 18, 2018 6:16 AM

Searching for your name as a regular search keyword is not going to bring up your posts unless your name is explicitly used in the thread (such as this one).  If you want to search for your posts, use the advanced search page here: 




You can get to this by clicking the small gear icon next to the search field. 


I've generally been able to find any posts I've been looking for using the above page.  Having said that, the new forum software (which I'll be working on soon) has a completely revamped search system which should work pretty well. 



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