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Risky Rick in Dangerous Traps (June 25th)

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Posted Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:22 AM


What do you mean exactly? The wire I put in I did so at that angle to maximize the attachment point and again the tab that the center is supposed to attach to, is missing on this CVs bottom RF shield. I can see where it was literally cut and using a larger wire would impede the cartridge from sitting down properly. Speaking of... I have found another odd issue that I hadn't noticed until just now trying to play Risky Rick again. It would seam the cartridge PCB on the game sits inside a little high because I noticed that the Risky Rick cart doesn't seem to sit as firmly in my CV as other games do. Or the fingers on the PCB for the game might be recessed a bit too far back. Not sure which, but because of this I have to really fiddle with the game to get it to fire up. It usually will start with a black screen and high pitch sound of some sort and takes me several tries of re-inserting it before it wants to come up. Once it does I can move the cart back and forth and the game doesn't crash..so not sure what that is about. And before everyone starts telling me the clean the cartridge port...trust me that has been done and it is squeaky clean. All other games seem to fire up without issue so I'm not sure if it something with the no delay bios I've added or another issue to track down or something with the cart itself?


As for the no delay bios, I have no idea what version it is. I got the Console5 kit for it about a month ago and it along with the recap was my saturday project.


I don't have any of the problems you're having with your Risky Rick cart.  So I suspect it must be something specific with your system or with your specific Risky Rick cart.


If you fire up Sewer Sam and get garbled graphics when trying to start the game and/or you get static instead of spoken words in Squish'Em Sam then you have the original no delay bios.  If Sewer Sam displays and plays fine and you get the voices in Squish'Em Sam then you have the Youki patched no delay bios.  More info here.

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Posted Sun Feb 10, 2019 11:51 AM

that wire was only to test easily at it has crocodil clips on each end.  the perminant solution will be better (probably connect pin 13 to pin 29 whuch is propper groubd on the cartridge connector which should be the shortest wire and give the less interferance



i think he means the track width


you are basically connecting a thin wire to a fat trace

Ah..gotcha. Well it works just fine and is more connection than what was there before which was nothing at all. Also on this one I had to be careful as there isn't much pad to solder to around that screw head and only at the base where there really enough to remove some solder mask to solder to. Even with this the cartridge comes right up to that solder point so anything thicker would have it more difficult to seat carts in properly.


I went ahead and undid the no delay bios. It is an older version as Serwer sam will load up but then after choosing the starting player count and level it will then lock up to a screen full of vertical lines that will move as you move the controller. Also while still not wanting to start exactly on the mark, Ricky Rick does seem to start more reliably with the original bios back in so I will leave that in for now and the Ultimate SD makes most games start up quickly anyway on its own, so I will just stick with it the way it is.


Now..how the hell do I get past that part on the third screen of the Egyptian level just above the spot with the falling ceiling? Can seem to jump just right to pass through the spikes and even when I did once, another setup of spike popped up from the seemingly safe floor to kill me anyway? argh...

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Posted Tue Feb 12, 2019 10:12 AM


Testing via the pins verifies for certain whether pin 13 of the cartridge slot is grounded - this appears to be the critical requirement.  It's not the screws that need the continuity with the RF shield but the ground plane(s) on the motherboard and ultimately pin 13 of the cart connector.  Let us know how you get on. 

Trying this out is next on my list. Got pneumonia just after new year and the fatigue stays strangely with you for weeks after the antibiotics kill the problem.

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