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Tidbits of data coupled with ideas - Useful... or Not! ;)

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Posted Mon May 28, 2018 5:39 AM

Not everyone has a RTC on their TI... they think.


If you have a TIPI, the RPi can give you the time in a huge string.


But what if you took a segment of that string and fed the useful portion to the TI's consoles internal clock?


Now just because it can be done, does that mean anyone has a use for it?


I can think of a few ideas, but I'll leave it you to think about them... or not.  ;)



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Posted Mon May 28, 2018 4:24 PM

So true many Subroutines in RXB have been removed for such a reason.


I included many hard drive access routines in RXB like CALL SCSI that was requested by Western Horizon.


But these are to be removed in RXB 2018 or RXB 2019 just for the reason Omega just pointed out.

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Posted Sun Jun 10, 2018 8:05 AM

The Raspberry Pi's got a fake RTC assuming you have a working Internet connection.  It's actually easy to add a real RTC to any Pi using the I2C pins, which are not used by TiPi!  I just wrote this review/setup guide.  I dunno how the OLED screen a couple of people are using connects—if it uses I2C as well, you can still add this clock, but you'll need to chain the devices.  I2C is a bus connection, so if that connector had stacking pins you could literally connect one straight to the other.  It doesn't because it's trying to fit inside a Pi case, which it does!  But it does appear to have pads you could solder the wires to for the next device (cable for the screen?)

I'll defer to the electronics people on that.  :)

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Posted Tue Jun 19, 2018 5:40 PM

Okay, since I suggested the FLIRC case above might be good for tipi, it's been pointed out that the case lacks physical space on the sides of the connector for an IDC ribbon connector, and it doesn't have the height clearance for dupont connectors like the cables that come with tipi.


So I guess I'm looking for an alternative case.  The issue is that the dinky little heatsinks everybody sells for the Pi are useless unless you have a fan blowing on top of them.  I have some 5v 40mm Sunon maglev fans that do the job with a small mod to the connector, but my current case is a rather old/ratty-looking acrylic slab design that looks pretty ghetto and doesn't protect the board much.

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