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PFread with DPC+ Help

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Posted Sun Jun 3, 2018 9:31 AM

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help with this


I started a game a while ago called Escape from Kukuku Temple (which really needs a name change given how comical it sounds in other languages!) but it halted as I was unable to make a proper platforming engine on which to improve the game.


To revamp the player and boulder physics to allow for proper platforming I really need to base the player and boulder movement based on screen pixels rather than specific co-ordinates and the conversions are just not working at all. 
I tried using the following:
   temp3 = (player0x-14)/4
   temp5= player0y+1
   if !pfread(temp3,temp5) then player0y=player0y+1
This should look at the pixel below the player and if the pixel is not populated then allow the player to fall until he hits the next platform.
Strangely its partially working such that the player drops correctly at the first gap in the platform but doesn't make it to the next platform??
My defined playfield is 88 pixels tall and 32 pixels wide - so the y coordinate mapping so really be a 1:1 ratio between coordinates and pixels - right? (please let me know if I'm being dense here!)
For reference my resolution values are:
 DF6FRACINC = 255 ; Background colors.
 DF4FRACINC = 255 ; Playfield colors.
 DF0FRACINC = 128 ; Column 0.
 DF1FRACINC = 128 ; Column 1.
 DF2FRACINC = 128 ; Column 2.
 DF3FRACINC = 128 ; Column 3.
Can anyone help on this?
I've attached my last source code for the game

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