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Help needed with dual output A/v selector - 5+ inputs

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Posted Sat Jun 9, 2018 3:06 AM

Hey all,  I am not sure if what I want exists, but I am happy to be proven wrong. Here is my set up and what I am wanting to do.  I have 5 systems that I want to be able to output to different TVs (one 4k and the other a CRT) at the same time.  But in the case of the old JVC selectors, I noticed that almost none of them allow all inputs to go to all outputs. For instance, many of them will only allow input 1 to go to output 1, and then input 2 only to output 2, etc.  On the JVC units, the only output that allows all is the 'monitor out'. But I dont know if an affordable unit with 2 monitor outs exists.


The only exception I can find is the 1000 dollar JX S1000. It has 2 'monitor out' outputs that I presume would allow all inputs to output through them.


I am using a non powered unit that seems to be the only one still made with dual outputs. It works, but is only 4 input and I have to make the 7800 go through the Betamax VCR to be able to use them all through it.


Could use some help.

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Posted Sat Jun 9, 2018 3:36 AM

Many cheap AV selectors you can do what you are describing by simultaneously pressing down two inputs. This will creste a bridge where both are active. You can use one of them as a second output.

Be advised that splitting composite signals will result in an impedance mismatch and will significantly darken the image when displayed on multiple sets. I believe rca composite jacks are 75 ohm output / 75 ohm input. Splitting the signal will result in the output seeing 37.5 ohms instead of 75 ohms, and luminosity levels being cut in half. This results in a very dark image and is not suitable for recording.

Audio signals by contrast have low impedance on the output (less than 100 ohms for line outputs, down to around 8 ohms for headphone output), very high imedance on the input (typically 10k ohm for line level inputs) so you could split it many times without signal degradation.

Best advice for dual outs is to play on the console's rf feed, record from the higher quality composite. This assumes your console has both rf and composite hookups. You can also use Svideo snd composite simultaneously on a snes/n64/gamecube multiout. In leiu of other options, get an old vcr (the tape deck portion does not need to be functional) and run the console into the vcr using either composite or rf, then connect the rf output of the vcr to one tv, and the composite output to the other.

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Posted Sat Jun 9, 2018 4:12 PM

I guess it depends what signal type you're dealing with, but looking at the JX S1000 you mentioned I'm assuming you're talking about composite video.


There is a cheap solution for that, if that's what your 5 consoles are using.   :)


What you need is a powered splitter/distribution amplifier.  This one can be had for $50.





Basically, pick whatever A/V switcher you want, powered, passive, however many inputs.  Plug the output of the switcher into the input of the distribution amplifier.  You can then plug the different displays into the outlets of the amp.


If you want s-video, there's a version that does that as well.






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Posted Sat Jun 9, 2018 4:44 PM

Very interesting! And there is no limitation on which inputs go to outputs? I guess that part may not matter because it would just be one input and 2 outputs.


I do wonder if there is still some signal lose going to those units.


But this may be the solution I was hoping for. And it will save me a ton of money if it is what I hope it is.

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Posted Sat Jun 9, 2018 4:47 PM

Very interesting! And there is no limitation on which inputs go to outputs? I guess that part may not matter because it would just be one input and 2 outputs.



Right, you would just pick whatever bog standard video switcher.  like one of these: https://www.amazon.c.../dp/B00KXVBB7C/you want and run the one output from the switcher to the amp input.  Displays plugged up to the amp outputs.  It would simply be a matter of selecting the console on your switcher.


I don't own any of these devices, but between being composite video and the fact the amp is outputting standard level video.  I can't imagine there'd be any real noticeable drop in video quality.

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Posted Sat Jun 9, 2018 5:18 PM

Now, the following is purely for my own amusement.   :dunce:    But say you were looking to accomplish the same task with RGB capable consoles and picture quality was of the utmost concern, you could do the following:


RGB capable consoles would be plugged up to a SCART switcher:

This one has dual output capability:


If you already owned a passive SCART switcher, you could pair that with a scart amp/splitter:



One scart output would go to the OSSC, which would then be plugged up to a 4K TV it likes (TCL, LG):



The CRT option would depend if it were a PVM or consumer set:


For PVM: simply grab a SCART to BNC breakout cable (or one of those older 25pin deals if you've got a real old PVM)



For consumer sets (assuming one with component inputs here), run the 2nd SCART lead to a RGB to component transcoder fitted with audio extractor.





I'm sure someone somewhere is doing this.   :lol:

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