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Posted Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:39 PM

So I was wondering whether my burger game should have an ending or not. If I don't put in an ending, then that would mean the level number would increase. And it would be really hard (and weird) to put in a level number until infinity. So what I plan to do is I'm going to have 8 levels and have then each be 125 enemies long. That way, a perfect score would be 1,000 points and then the game would have an ending.
Now that I've decided that, I guess there won't be an Easter egg after all since I would need that 8th bank to program in all the ending stuff. Song, graphics, etc. Speaking of video game endings, it took me about 10 tries to get to Bowser in New Super Mario Bros. for the DS. I must have beaten the game at some point, but I don't remember it. And I kept dying because of that dumb Bowser Jr. character and I couldn't figure out how to beat him. So I looked it up on gamefaqs. That took an additional 5 or so tries. I started the attempts with 99 lives. When I was done, my life counter was in the 80s. So I went back to level 1, got back to 99 lives and saved.
At some point last night, I decided that I loved the DS but didn't play it enough. I have almost 200 games for it, but most I doubt I'll ever play because they're stuff like Zelda, Phoenix Wright, Professor Layton, etc. The DS has its share of weird games as well. I think I'll write about some later. The last 4 years for the DS was really unremarkable and probably responsible for most of its shovelware. The last game was released in 2014. About a ten-year run isn't too shabby. But man I wish that Mario basketball game was a golf game. No Mario Golf game came on the DS. Oh well


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