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Need help with HSGPL video problem.

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    Chopper Commander

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Posted Thu Jul 5, 2018 12:48 PM

I first ran into this problem a while back when I decided to check out some of my PEB hardware due to encountering a few NanoPEB difficulties.  My PEB system is working with either a F18A & USB TI-99/4A console or a standard composite console, as I haven't decided on a SCART to HDMI or VGA adapter for my two Geneves and my SNUG TI system. However, once I replaced the P-GRAM+ with a 16 RML page HSGPL the video is trashed.  Once I figured out/remembered that it has a TKGROM0 requiring alpha character selection rather than numeric, I could access the installed apps, and video was fine 32/28, 40, & 80 column screens.  The composite consoles (I've tried two, same results) are worse, as most of the utilities I use to check out functionality are 80 column, including CALL HSGPL from TI BASIC.  I don't want to re-install the 40 col HSGPL, as I will be installing the full SNUG TI system as I check out more PEB hardware, 1 card, at a time.


Any help or ideas will be most appreciated.  Thanks.

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Posted Thu Jul 5, 2018 5:41 PM

All of the 80-column GROM0 files for the HSGPL pre-date the F18A and were designed and written for an AVPC or EVPC card. None of them to my knowledge were ever tested on the F18A. It is likely that there is a conflict between GROM0 and the F18A that is the source of your problem. 

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Posted Sun Jul 8, 2018 7:12 PM

If the TKGROM0 is available, we can do a quick test to see whether it does anything that breaks the F18A, but even if we can fix it that would still require reprogramming. One of the simplest things I saw in the past was to just change the order that the VDP registers were written (assuming it's a startup thing...)

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