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This may cross the line... even for me. ;)

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Posted Sun Jul 8, 2018 11:53 AM

Just like Linux or Windows or OS X or UNIX you load once and keep using programs mostly as many as you can fit into memory without having to load more from disk.


This is the concept behind my RXB 32K swaps using SAMS.


LOAD ONCE and use as many programs only in memory (SAMS) without using disk as little as possible.


But as Tursi and others have pointed out TI99/4A load times are limited by using VDP as a buffer so slows load times by depressing numbers.


TIPI may be like Tursi indicated use PAB CPU RAM buffer at >4000 which would be considerably faster then using VDP as a PAB buffer.

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Posted Sun Jul 8, 2018 6:58 PM

I believe it was less instructions to copy from the PI to VDP than it is to copy to CPU RAM. Since the destination address doesn't have to be updated in the VDP loop. The slowness of VDP comes from the fact that it just isn't where you wanted the data to end up for most operations.

There are documents on what TIPI is, that could save you all some time with the wondering if it can be something it isn't. There is no need for speculation.

RAM should be used for ramdisks. TIPI has zero RAM, just 2 outgoing shift registers, and 2 incoming shift registers.


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