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"Jaytrax"Great Synthesizer & Mod Tracker / Sort-of Jaguar Related (Sort-of)

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Posted Sat Oct 20, 2018 11:53 AM

With all the walls of text, I am still trying to work out whether your song was included in Protector SE or not...? Sincerely, it is all a bit confusing, perhaps try to be a little more concise or to the point (I mean no disrespect here, I tend to write too much at times too).

Some of this historical detail may be better suited to a blog or articles...I think there is a blog facility here on AA...it could be linkable from the thread...again, just a thought.

FWIW, I like some of the tunes youve posted. I too created at least one track, possibly two, for Protector SE but never submitted them. Theyre long lost now, but one day Ill attempt to recreate them using modern software.


Before "Protector SE" was released, Songbird had a contest of some sort where I submitted my song... Because it wasn't in a mod tracker format, my entry never made the cut... For that matter I'm not even sure if Mr. Forhan even knew or understood what the entry was until later after explaining it to him via email... Even more so, I don't know if he even remembers to be brutally honest, but it did happen and I did show him the program some years ago (who remembers an email these days). lol 


Through out this journey with the Jag, for what it's worth, Jaytrax was my main source of making music that was game oriented... For example I was a big Namco fan especially the "Tekken 3" arcade, which was just the one of the most bad ass game I've seen next to Killer Instinct, they released a slew of arcade games and was just knocking it out of the ball park. My favorite character was "Eddie Gordo" with his capoeira fighting style... I was already a big fan of the martial art with the "Richard Meyer" character in Fatal Fury and maybe a movie on the art form. One day while playing "Fight for Life" on Jaguar with the hope of making my own fighting game, I thought to myself if I was a make an Eddie Gordo kind of fighter, what would his theme song sound like, so guest what I did... I took off to Jaytrax and composed a score using sounds from real Brazilian capoeira sessions and I had a lot of fun doing. I think losing the experience to father time would be kind of sad, catch my drift?


Tell you what I'll upload the song for download and whoever want to can check it out or themselves. I've made a few minor changes from 2005 to 2013 so the version you hear is the last version, roughly it's the same song from the original.


Looking forward to downloading the program and learning how to use it. It'll be nice to keep it going instead of it disappearing altogether. These old programs are a lot of fun to work with.



Yea it was a lot of fun working on that old program... I have a lot of good memories with such an obscure program; it's even more obscure than the mod tracker itself and people are still using those. I'll upload a copy of Jaytrax with this reply; it's also available at the beginning of this topic.

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Posted Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:40 PM

Awesome, thanks!

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Posted Sat Oct 20, 2018 1:49 PM

Awesome, thanks!


You're welcome dude...


For the record there's one more thing I like to add... At the time I made that song, a game called "Capoeira Fighter" was out for shockwave player. That game also had an influence for inspiration; I would love to see this ported to the Jaguar.


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