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SRAM-Charger for Indus-GT - interest poll

SRAM Charger Indus GT

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#126 Nezgar OFFLINE  



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Posted Sun Oct 7, 2018 11:00 PM

I wonder if CP/M still works with the hacked "1.2X" ROM from BEST? http://atariage.com/...ware/?p=4129283


ROM version 01.00

There may be a tone sound (might be a bell sound). More of a click than tone.

SIO drive D1: and 800XL with SpartaDos 32f diskette.


Please dump and share that v1.0 ROM. We have 1.1, 1.2, and the hacked 1.2X, but 1.0 is still missing / never been archived.

#127 _The Doctor__ ONLINE  

_The Doctor__


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Posted Sun Oct 7, 2018 11:02 PM

and where is 1.3X?

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Posted Sat Oct 13, 2018 6:49 PM

and where is 1.3X?

It's really 1.2 improved. I wish they hadn't taken out the beep from the buttons. That is CONFIRMATION for me. In the source, it's labelled BEP. Look for where CALL BEP was removed and replace it at the appropriate place.

I like the faster spin down, but not much.


I really don't think the Indus is really badly behaved at all.


My only issue with it is the SUPERSYNC that I fixed in the ONE and OLNY version of SDX4.23. !!!


If you boot DOSXL 2.35i and program the drive, it would work SOMETIMES in SDX 4.22 The Track Buffering RAMCharger version caused the most lock-up problem (sometimes press BREAK will get you past it).


I don't remember nw what I did, but it IS in the Z80 code of SuperSync that I added an extra NOP or 2 to affect the Bit-Bang cycle time.


I am SO SORRY that I don't remember the exact details.  I know this is possible!


Even faster speeds are really possible.


Come on, Z-80 guys help


This could be LIGHT YEARS ahead of Happy, Archiver, BitWriter or anything.



Now, when I run Zork or WordStar  from a RespeQt SIO drive locked to 19200, If I play Zork FAST, it works.


If you let time out at all ( there is NO indication ) of how long you can wait.


I normally don't cross post, but this goes to RespeQt as well.



Edit: Dumb ass ME made that SDX INDUS.SYS that works with RAMCharger. At full Sync+ speed..

Sucks that I lost it. This should only take a good hacker a short time to figure this out.


It just HIT me one day when looking over the SuperSync source code.\



I'm burned out (read my comment in the BBS thread)


and don't have all  my CP/M equipment any more to do the Z80 stuff.


Oh, I wish I did...

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#129 _The Doctor__ ONLINE  

_The Doctor__


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Posted Sat Oct 13, 2018 9:57 PM

hey, speaking of speed, could you bump the respeqt speed up to indus speed, I could be wrong but I always thought the idea was to use the higher speed to allow the terminal and disk drives to bop around and have it happen at a pace people could handle and be used to... does the indus do any talk back to acknowledge it should or shouldn't be in high speed mode... just thinking about ideas had over time more than likely what speeds would be possible feeding the terminal and drives at the same time... possibly interleaved sio so to speak.

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