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The Missing Manual

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Posted Sat Oct 13, 2018 10:25 AM

Absolutely: I quite understand. I got very little sleep last night (as evidenced by this morning's video), and after posting in this thread, a second scan through the manual revealed that I'd probably misunderstood the meaning behind the title.

I have further revisions to make to the firmware manual (as well as an 'un-bricking' guide to add to the arsenal of documentation), and in an ideal world there'd be no gaps at all, but in reality the whole business is enormously time-consuming. That's the real answer for anyone who complains about documentation for this or that device being 'less than perfect': the creation of comprehensive documentation can be as laborious as the development of the software or hardware being documented, and is similarly subject to frequent revisions, corrections, and version control. I have no doubt at all that because of this I can be touchy about complaints regarding inadequate docs, but at the same time I fully appreciate that the exhaustive, in-depth documentation isn't what's required in every situation.


Anyway: I'm up to date with the link; what foxed me this morning is the fact that the call-outs are not text-searchable. ;) I will try to invest some time in careful reading of the latest revision next week. :)

that's okay I've made some doozy of forgets mistakes lately...

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