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Fallout 4 Review

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Posted Thu Aug 9, 2018 7:04 PM

I recently dove in with the GOTYE on the PS4 and am blown away.  I'm a huge fan of the entire series, each for their own unique pros.  I never completed 1 or 2, but had a blast with 1, and the amount of Role Playing available, was incredible.  I adore 3 and New Vegas as they're two of my favorite games of all time.


4 has completely surprised me with the Building mechanic, I love it... when it's not glitching that is. :twisted:  I really like that there is no limit to the Leveling, and that a player can eventually (around 260-280) max every Stat and Perk: I think that was a brilliant design choice, although I appreciate that 3 and NV (vanilla that is) make the player think harder on what to level up, and that one can't max their Stats and Perks if the 'wrong' choices are made when leveling.


The Gun play is fantastic and is definitely a step up from 3 (which I played on the PS3), even though I quite enjoy the clunky feeling of 3 and NV, as well as the slightly improved VATs mechanic.  I like how the VATs mechanic has been changed in 4, to simply slow time instead of full on pausing, like it did in 3 and NV.  The possibilities with the modding of weapons and armor seems endless to me, and I don't imagine it'll ever get old seeking more and more junk to fulfill my modding needs. :D


The Music seems to be pretty much the same thing as 3 and NV, but some of it reminds me of 1 for reasons I can't quite put my finger on.  Sound is on point.  I've read lots of folks being unimpressed with the Graphics: I disagree entirely and think that Bethesda did a marvelous job increasing the detail, and adding tons of color to the new world.


My main complaint is the size of the map... it feels much smaller than 3 and NV, and I really don't understand why Bethesda made 25% of the map water in the SE section.  The map 'makes me feel' like I have tons to do, which is a prerequisite for an Open World Sandbox RPG, and I'm sure there are myriad locations to discover and plunder like in the previous games; so I'm fine with that.


What are your thoughts?



I'm new to the board, so if this topic has been done to death, and you feel obliged: please link me to a previous thread/s where this was discussed.  Thanks in advance. :thumbsup:

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Posted Fri Aug 10, 2018 11:38 AM

I have 3,NV,and 4. I got really excited with 4. I actually bought a new gaming laptop just for it. I put some hours into it and realized that New Vegas is the better game. The amount of dialog and story lines is insane. You could play the game several times and have a totally different experience every time.

After I beat NV about 6 months ago I tried 4 again. The game wouldn't let me out of the house though so I gave up. Now im very interested in the NV mod for Fallout 4. That would be bad ass.

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