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Sdrive Max Apple Mac batch file

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Posted Sat Aug 11, 2018 2:59 AM

Hey guys, I don't like typing in commands so I created a little batch file for the Mac to automatically execute the flashing of Sdrive Max.


Unzip the file and drag it into the folder where you have downloaded the eeprom_writer.hex and SDrive.hex files.


Sadly, you still need to manually find out what the name of your Arduino UNO's serial chip is though by opening terminal and entering:


cd /dev



You get the list, find something looking like tty.wchusbserial620 or tty.usbmodem421 and replace it with what you found in the batch file by opening it in text editor. You only have to do this once though. Save the file.

​Now if you double click Flash Sdrice Max it should flash the Sdrive max completely.


If anyone has any idea how to autmatically figure out that tty. device name and integrate it into that batch file, that would be really nice.

Altneratively....could everyone with an SDrive-max please publish his tty.xxxxxxx device name here ? Maybe there are only a few and I could make a 
simple selection menu. If the device doesn't exist (or if it's the wrong name) the programming simply will fail and there will be some error on the screen but nothing else happens so there is no harm in trying...

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Posted Sat Aug 11, 2018 5:19 AM

OK....I think I did it :)


Please delete/ignore the message and batch file above.


This one should work without any "manual" labour :D


Be sure to have ONLY your Strive-Max Arduino Uno hooked up to your USB ports of your Mac. I am not sure if any other USB devices would interfere, but if it finds more serial (arduino?) ports, this batch script may fail (trying to flash the wrong device).


Unzip the attached file, move it to the correct folder where you downloaded the latest firmware version.

This depends on the display you used on your Sdrive Max, so drag 'Flash Sdrive Max Apple Mac' to either atmega328-iLi9341, iLi9329 or hx8347g


Now simply double click 'Flash Sdrive Max Apple Mac'


The batch file will print a welcome message and it figures out the name of the serial port to your Arduino Uno by itself and display it.

Next itflashes both files to it.


Note that this is my first attempt at writing a Mac batch file so bare with me if it doesn't work on your Mac/Arduino.... Please report any issues or successes....thanks !


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Posted Sat Aug 11, 2018 6:49 AM

.....and It would be handy to actually attach the batch file.....


Well here it is.


I polished it a bit further:

- it will check to see if it finds the port name, if Sdrive Max is not connected it will report so and quit

- if it finds a Sdrixe Max (or something like it) it will show the port name it found and ask you if you want to flash to that port. Only a Y or y followed by an Enter will start the flashing process.

Again, do not connect more than just your Sdrive Max to your Mac to be sure this works.

Also, remove the SIO cable from your A8 before flashing from your Mac (nothing to do with my batch file, but still a MUST !).

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