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Micro Mainframe MF-1682 Settings?

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#1 David Hefner OFFLINE  

David Hefner

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Posted Sat Aug 11, 2018 11:38 PM

Picked up a Micro Mainframe MF-1682 dual drive in a lot of stuff from my brother (along with an ATR-8000), and can't figure out the dip switch settings (apparently somewhere along the way they were changed).  The drive cable from the board to the drives was also disconnected, so that a cable could be run outside the box, to the ATR-8000 and it use the drives natively (apparently anyway).  I hooked up the power to the board inside, and the drives to the main board, but can't seem to access them from my 800XL.  Does anybody have one of these drives, and know the dip switch settings for these drives?


I do have a copy of the utilities disk that came with it (at least I have the utility files, just not sure how to go about using them.  If someone out there has the documentation that came with them, that'd be great.


If I remember right, my brother bought this to use for disk duplication for our local Atari group, and the ATR-8000 was used specifically for a centronics printer.  I do also have the original disks for this, as well as CPM boot disks (but haven't tried that part yet).


I was able to get the top drive to light as drive 1, but it won't actually spin (could be a bad drive, I may swap the drive designations between the drives and check that).  


*EDIT*  I attached the DOS bootdisk that was labeled as the utilities, it was readable so I made an ATR file.


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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:07 AM

Just wanted to add a note, the original DS0 drive had 2 leaking caps on the drive motor board, so it's definitely not working at the moment.  The other drive does spin, but I can't figure out the dip switch settings to make it work..


Hopefully someone out there either has the documentation, or one of the drives (either the single or dual would work at the moment, I'd just like to see it work with a single drive at the moment).

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