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Relaxing video game ambient synth Atari 2600 demo scenes

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Posted Sun Aug 12, 2018 12:09 AM



GATECRASHER mellowmix is a relaxed version of GATECRASHER featuring an ambient synth soundtrack that blends with the gameplay and a motivational scoring system.
Attached File  GATECRASHER_MELLOWMIX.bin   12KB   82 downloads
Gameplay: You know what to do! :)
Goal: Make it through all 96 gates to beat the game and unlock the extended ending demo scene! :)
All Atari 2600 consoles are supported with a few remaining quirks in emulation:
The Stella emu breaks the splash screen animation but renders the opening scene well otherwise. On the Retron77 console you will periodically need to double click the aspect ratio button whenever the screen falls apart to resynch the display. Javatari has some timing issues but is playable.
Classic Atari consoles work perfectly and Atari's Flashback Portable console renders GATECRASHER mellowmix well.
Use a real Atari for the best experience! :)


UPDATE: Added an in-game score:


Attached File  GATECRASHER_MELLOWMIX_AFP_R4.bin   12KB   18 downloadsAttached File  GATECRASHER_MELLOWMIX_SuperCharger_R4.bin   8.25KB   13 downloadsAttached File  GATECRASHER_MELLOWMIX_SuperCharger_R4.wav   413.63KB   9 downloads

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Posted Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:00 PM

Here is the SuperCharger version of GATECRASHER MellowMix! :)


Attached File  GATECRASHER_MELLOWMIX_SuperCharger.bin   8.25KB   22 downloads

Attached File  GATECRASHER_MELLOWMIX_SuperCharger.wav   411.17KB   17 downloads


This is the same program with no changes, I cross compiled the CBS RAM binary as a SuperCharger game using the dual IDE, which is already installed on Windows systems:




This game is written in an advanced BASIC that compiles to really fast asm and supports vintage style BASIC with line numbers, or using modern ASCII art graphics designers like batari BASIC.


In the screenshot above you can the see ASCII text stored in data statements that the game banner scrolls, and also binary strings used to create the exclamation character - those binary strings can be printed on the screen using the PRINT command!


Creating SuperCharger versions of CBS RAM games:


All I had to do to create the SuperCharger version was to click Play, no changes to the BASIC program were required and the different bank switching and memory access schemes are completely transparent, here is the BASIC program listing:

Attached File  GATE CRASHER with motivational scoring system SuperCharger BASIC.txt   16.96KB   16 downloads


This game also includes MBR technology (motion blur reduction) you can activate during the cut scenes with the BW switch to make it easier to read the scrolling banner text. 


Has anyone made it through all 96 GATES without using save states?





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Posted Thu Sep 6, 2018 7:50 AM

Added a version with an in-game score/progress indicator, it's at the top.

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