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Posted Thu Sep 13, 2018 2:47 PM

I found my NES Game Genie. This after I was looking for it because I wanted to try a game with it. Unfortunately, they don't work with the top loader, so I had to get the older NES in here. It still works great. And the NES Game Genie still works great even after all the decades I had spent playing with it. I wanted to beat the level 4 boss from Kirby's Adventure. So I tried. If you gave me a million years to try even with a Game Genie, I could still never beat the stupid thing. Controlling Kirby is especially difficult, and it shows in this boss level where you need to fly up and quickly eat an enemy and throw it at the boss. I can't. I usually destroy the enemy before I can get a chance to eat it. And I was using a Game Genie code for infinite energy. But having enough energy wasn't the problem.
Disgusted, I went back to the SNES and played some more Wario Land on the Super Game Boy. This game is really really hard, though not as hard as Kirby's Adventure. The level 3 boss is a giant bird where, again, you have to get an enemy and throw it at him. Most of the time I ended up dying because the enemies come back to life after you bop them on the head. Or I die from trying to do that. There just didn't seem to be any reason as to when I died from trying to bop the enemy and picking it up or not. And after that was another stupid mine cart level. The ones in DKC are much better. But now I can go back. And I have infinite lives due to the debug code where I can get as many as I want whenever I want.
But before that, I played Mario Kart 64, my favorite game. I was on Rainbow Road when it started downpouring outside. The first time in literally MONTHS that it had rained. At all. In my city, we had 90 straight days of no measurable rain, a new record. I paused the game and looked at the rain, then went back and finished it. I was awarded the Gold Cup. I finished first in the standings, but only by 2 points. I wish I could make a homebrew NES game.
I had to fight with my computer last night. I thought it was dead after going crazy, but I unplugged it and plugged it back in and it seems to be working okay. For now, anyway. And Burger King's Whopper Jr. is the best fast-food burger ever invented. End of story.


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