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New version of ATARI 8 bit emulator released!

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Posted Sun Dec 9, 2018 5:34 PM



it may sound like that...but I haven't.

i have three VMs open, but


disk/cartridge > d1: > d1:... 

that second d1: is definitely greyed out

My guess is that you are in tiled mode, and the cursor is not on any of the three VMs when you choose the menu, so it does not know which VM you want to work with. You have to go into full screen mode, or have the cursor on a specific VM when you choose that menu item using keystrokes, or it can't know which of the three you intend to mount a disk in.

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Posted Mon Dec 10, 2018 2:56 AM


Atari home computers were designed and manufactured in California, USA. They were meant and designed for NTSC. Therefore, it is NTSC the primary reference point (I am not sure I could state anything more obvious or better known, indeed), and in much of the visitors stats that I can see displayed on Atari-related sites, it is usually the U.S.A. crowd that totals the most (in raw numbers, that is).


ANYONE will experience this, because this is an objective issue (not a perceptual, not imagined, not an opinion). And the object itself is either your emulation platform or the actual machine. instead. Let's just take a look at the ACTUAL equipment on NTSC, so EVERYONE can see:


Therefore: ALL of our known visual memory of our experience with NTSCs machines will END UP being WARPED horizontally if NTSC's 11h:12v aspect ratio is not accounted for. Everything. Every single of those hundred tiles is essentially showing the wrong proportions, if you do not get the above results. And to correct it, aspect-ratio must be recomputed per every frame you generate on the emulator (@ 60fps or 50fps).


Unless a nice but truthful trick is already known, there goes your "0.01% CPU" usage, down the drain.


I do not say the problem doesn't exist. If you are sure it is not a misconfiguration of your graphics subsystem, then it is best to report it as a defect to the vendor of the emulator.

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