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Autobiography of a Schnook

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Posted Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:56 AM

Well, friends, the time has come...

Autobiography of a Schnook has officially launched!

The truth is, though, it launched last week. The preface (or, as some podcasts call it, "episode zero") was released, but I didn't want to make an announcement until the first episode (or "chapter") was available as well, just to get both an introduction and some context out there.

The podcast is available on all the major podcast providers...except Apple Podcasts / iTunes...because, well...Apple takes up to two weeks to approve podcasts. Heck, even Google Play only took *hours*! But hey, it's out. :)

What's it about? Well...for years it's been my observation that you can go to a library or book store and find biographies of...famous people...but no biographies of just your average, everyday schnook of whom nobody's ever heard. I figured I should publish an autobiography and call it Autobiography of a Schnook. The reality is...I'd never actually finish it. But eventually it occurred to me: why not do it as a podcast? So...here it is.

Despite my two video game podcasts and my frequenting of video game fora, my first love is actually music, so every episode will have a segment called "Music for Schnooks." (Spoiler alert: a future episode will have a "Music for Schnooks" guest many of us have heard of. :) )

Having said that, I will NOT be posting here every time a new episode is out. In an effort to be as on-topic as possible, after this point I will only post when an episode has a video game topic. I just wanted to announce this podcast for now.

I don't know if this podcast will be any kind of success, but I really don't care; I just want to do it, and I invite you all to give it a listen. The home page is schnookpodcast.com. RSS feed is https://schnookpodca...m/feed/podcast/. There's a Facebook presence, so you can "like" the page at facebook.com/SchnookPodcast if you do the FB thing. Episode links are below:


PREFACE: Welcome to the world of a schnook.
Sean isn’t anybody rich, famous, heroic, or otherwise remarkable; he’s just a schnook. And he’s here to not only tell his story, but also to refer to himself in the third person.


In the first chapter of Autobiography of a Schnook, Sean focuses on Thanksgiving-related topics:
– A Thanksgiving Curse?
– Music For Schnooks: Don’t Meet Your Heroes (Troubled Genius Edition)

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Posted Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:53 PM

Chapter 2 is out. There is...a bit about video games in it, so...I figured heck, I'll post it here. :)

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