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Is a hybrid Geneve/TI possible?

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Posted Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:05 PM

FPGA's are amazing, so could a modified Geneve type system be developed for a standard TI?


With the Geneve you lose the cartridge port, but I bet many would like to keep that.

Some people already have a PC keyboard, like JediMatt42's or Tursi's version.

Most of us already have VGA with our F18A's.


It would be a shame to lose all those, so if a Hybrid FPGA Geneve could be created, many of us might want to 'upgrade' our systems.  So I've pondered a few questions...


1) Could a modified MDOS be burned into an UberGROM to function as a "key" for use with a new FPGA based P-Box card?

    The UberGROM can be made auto-booting to bypass all the normal TI stuff, so it might be perfect for this application.


2) Would it be better to have all the memory on board the new card or make use of the SAMS card?


3) Think it could be written to use TIPI/RPi  space as well?


To me it sounds kind of neat, simply plug in a cartridge and immediately be in "Geneve Mode" with all a new card could offer.


Too much?

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Posted Tue Nov 27, 2018 8:18 PM

Is a hybridge Geneve/TI possible?  Possible.  Would Geneve/MDOS programs work with the existing SAMS card as presently configured, in most cases, No due to the memory mapping and way too many programs using their own memory mapping code.  I seriously doubt anyone has the time to go through all of MDOS even to make MDOS work on a SAMS system.  Hardware needs to emulate the Geneve as it exists now.  Fortunately, the MESS/MAME developers have "taught" us what needs to be done at the chip level with all the CRU bits.


Do I think we will see something in the next couple of years?  50/50 chance!


Enough said for now.........




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