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The Hidden Reef

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Posted Tue Dec 4, 2018 11:26 AM

Back in 2008 or so, I saw a video posted by Ernie Pergrem of him dialing in to the Hidden Reef BBS using the TE2 cartridge and a 300 baud phone coupler modem. Since that day, I've been obsessed with The Reef.... I've spent hundreds of dollars on home phone line installations, a US Robotics modem, and countless service calls to my phone providers over the years trying to get them to adjust my services to different connection settings.... always chasing that elusive 9600 baud (which I refer to as Ludicrous Speed).

Yesterday I spent yet another chunk of change on another phone line installation (being that I've moved to a new house) and--once again--dialed out to The Hidden Reef. Last night at 2AM, I got some video footage and wanted to share it here.

Thanks to Richard Bell (Swim) and Greg McGill (Arcadeshopper) for maintaining dial-up Bulletin Board Systems. :)

#2 BuckoBrand OFFLINE  


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Posted Tue Dec 4, 2018 11:46 AM

Yeah. The Hidden Reef is quite a cool place. It's kinda like AtariAge, but you can play cool games. You should log on sometime. :grin:

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Posted Tue Dec 4, 2018 12:45 PM

I have always enjoyed The Hidden Reef BBS (I'll have to download "Markus"). I do have a couple of advantages that you don't have with your system. I have TELCO in 80 columns with my AVPC card which also stores several of the overlays for much faster loading. I also initially load from a RAMdisk. as well as upload and download from it - again an impressive speed acceleration. I'll play around with the ANSI terminal emulation and see how it works.

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