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Point Procurer beta - another fine product from PointCo


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Posted Thu Dec 6, 2018 1:08 PM

Hey kid, welcome to PointCo and your first day on the job as a Junior Point Procurer.  As you know, point procurement is a rapidly growing field and demand for points has never been higher.  That’s why the company motto of PointCo is “We make it a point to make the points.”  (Yeah, I don’t really get it either, but HR says I’m supposed to tell every new employee the company motto.)


Anyway, see that big green helicopter?  We call them “choppers” in the industry.  And for every chopper you crush, you get a point.  So take that Joystick Controller over there and use our patented MissileBall™ technology to hover over the chopper.  Press the Fire button.  Boom.  You just crushed a chopper and made a point.


Your quota for the day is 999,900 points—you’ll have to ask the foreman why it isn’t an even million.  And as you might guess, that’s a lot of hovering and launching of the MissileBall™, if you get my drift.  So we’ve got a pretty slick system where you can use points to buy other things that make points.  See that smaller blue chopper that’s flying around?  That’s an Automated Chopper Crusher®.  If you buy one of those, it’ll automatically crush a chopper once every twelve seconds.  Sure, that’s not much, but you can buy more than one, and soon the points will start rolling in almost like they’re free.  (But they’re not free, kid.  We spend a lot of points on R&D and manufacturing around here.  So treat the equipment nice, okay?)


And those other things.  Yeah, they're even fancier.  There’s a Ghost Grabber®.  You get a point for every ghost you grab, about once every eight seconds.  There’s a Duck Dodger®.  You get a point for every duck you dodge, and that’s even faster.  And the fastest is the Phone Finder®.  You get a point for every phone you find, too.


But kid, you can't just be spending your points willy-nilly.  I don’t have to tell you that the competition for procuring points has never been fiercer.  For every Automated Point Procuring Item® you purchase, the next one’s gonna be more expensive.  To keep costs contained, every new recruit can only purchase 64 of any single thing.  So spend wisely, alright?


Once you procure all the points, you’ll get a report about how long it took you in hours, minutes, and seconds.  Just remember:  when you’re done, you get to go home, sleep, and dream about procuring more points!


The restroom’s down the hall.  You get a fifteen-minute lunch.  Good luck, kid.


The gameplay screen.
Buying a chopper crusher.
Buying a duck dodger.
Buying a phone finder.


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Posted Thu Dec 6, 2018 1:11 PM

Three other things:


1.)  tl;dr version:  It's an idle game for the 2600.


2.)  I'm not sure the bitmap minikernel gets the love it deserves.


3.)  If you'd prefer to silence the sound effects, you can turn off the sound by setting the color switch to BW.


As always, I look forward to comments / bugs / etc.  Happy point procuring!

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Posted Fri Dec 7, 2018 3:22 PM

I think this is a great example of the versatility of the bitmap minikernel, actually!

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