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PLATOTerm 1.1 Lite for Atari 8-bit computers


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Posted Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:12 PM

I say ignore everything but SpartaDOS versions. The more SpartaDOS specific things get, the more people will migrate to SpartaDOS and maybe start to make it the Atari standard deveolpers use, and therefore, everyone uses. It's got a menu tree for those that don't like command-line Atari DOS. I'm sick and tired of half the stuff coming out being for Sparta and half for DOS 2.5 compatibles which are so much inferior anyway. I left them behind as much as I could back in '86 when I first got the SpataDOS construction set with my 1050 US doubler.


Now I have to duck down to avoid the fodder surely headed my way by MyDOS and other users... :-o


Why ? Unless it's a disk backup program or something like that, most programs should be generally unaware of what DOS is resident. I don't see any reason why Platoterm should give a sh!t what DOS is being used as long as it's configured to have a MEMLO under $2000, which I think DOS 2.0 and it's clones can do.

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Posted Sat Dec 29, 2018 5:48 PM

The problem with the mouse and trakball drivers literally stem from the fact that they conflict with the serial driver, which both use POKEY IRQs. The affected mouse/trakball drivers need to be rewritten NOT to use POKEY IRQs. The developers of the driver code used in CC65 didn't take into account that many years after they were written, some crazy jagoff would try to use mouse and serial I/O at the same time.




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