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Most wanted game for the TI-99/4A

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Posted Tue Jan 8, 2019 7:26 AM

I don't mind ports but as I've mentioned before, I prefer enhanced ports of almost unknown games instead of demakes of the most popular games available everywhere else. Concepts and ideas that only emerged on an oscure system, with room for own improvements and mashups.


Regarding possible diagonal scrollers to port, you could aim high and go for Cobra Triangle (NES) or you could aim low and go for Turboat (MSX).

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Posted Tue Jan 8, 2019 9:34 PM

I try and design my own, rather than do ports. Although my "Gauntlet clone" is hedging the line a bit, but I'm planning on it having differences to make it better in certain areas.

Im looking forward to your new game!

Way back in the early days of computing/gaming we had to choose one platform: Atari v Intellivision, Sega v Nintendo, etc. It was cost prohibitive to own more than one console or computer. You were going to have to be a TI guy, or an Apple][ guy, or a Commodore guy, or a Trash-80 guy.

If you wanted to switch platforms you would normally sell off the system you had. My own TI-99/4 system went into the classifieds in order to raise funds for my Apple//+. The Apple//+ was sold to help fund the Macintosh SE, etc. It was cost prohibitive to own multiple systems.

Many of the best 1980s game ideas came from superior arcade hardware and programming talent.

In the early days ports were essential. If you didnt have a port of Pac-Man for the TI-99/4, then TI-99/4 guys didnt get to play Pac-Man at home. Simple. Ports were awesome back then because they were your only hope.

Even if a port sucked back then it was better than nothing.

Today we can run emulators on Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, Switch, PCs or Macs; or even inexpensive Raspberry Pi computers. We can run the actual arcade ROMs on emulators. The actual ROMs!

How many versions of Mappy do we need?

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Posted Tue Jan 8, 2019 9:38 PM

I was really looking forward to a NPRK game, but it's gotten elusive as that particular region.

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Posted Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:00 AM

Century Electronic's "Hunchback" :) 


I would love to see a conversion of this game for the TI, there was never an official conversion but the MSX did get one.  Must note; the C64 version is the closest to the characteristics of the arcade, even copying the same font.  


I myself have made Hunchback type games, but never trod the path of actually trying to make a direct copy or as near-as to it.  I think it could be done, with some things taken out.  Or if doing it with F18A in mind, I think a decent clone could be made?

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Posted Today, 3:46 PM

Thank you for your interest in this little exercise. It has been a very good source for me to understand what people would like to see on their TI-99/4A computers. The far most votes have been towards arcade games, but there is also an opposition for more long lasting games. For now this has inspired me not to do any conversions at all, but to try my luck with something I haven't done before, which is to make a game for a bare console without 32K. I will, of course, come back to the list of wanted games later when I consider what to do next.


Here are some notes I have made for the games with 20 votes or more:  

Galaga                24 I have thought about doing this before. Could use MSX version as guidance, but would that be satisfactory? Partial disassembly of arcade version exists .
Zaxxon                19 Interested in any diagonal scroller. Zaxxon would probably require F18A hardware for smooth scrolling.
Donkey Kong Jr.       16 Not very interesting IMO, but seems possible within limitations.
Galaxian              16 Not as interesting as Galaga.
Lemmings              15 Interesting. Would require software sprites. Too much work without source code or data
Gauntlet              14 I never really undestood this game, and I think there have been attempts to do it already. 
Gyruss                14 An old favourite of mine that I have thought about doing before. There are a lot of sprite patterns to handle. Great music by OLD CS1.
Ghost'n'Goblins       13 A good candidate for smooth scrolling techniques. Definitely interested. Or perhaps for the F18A?
Wolfenstein 3D        13 I think a game like this would have to wait for F18A MK2, to have more sprite video RAM.
Bubble Bobble         12 I'm not familiar with this game, so probably not something I would consider.
Asteroids             11 I think we have a bunch of versions already?
Choplifter            11 Hmm, I didn't really like this on the C64.
Commando              11 Another good/better candidate for smooth scrolling techniques. Definitely interested. Great music by Daniel Bienvenu.
Dungeons of Daggorath 11 I had never seen this game before, but it's really cool. Any source code?
SimCity               11 To be honest, even with F18A MK2 and SAMS and source code available, I don't think this it realistic for the TI-99/4A.
Vanguard              11 I don't think this game is using diagonal scrolling very well. I would rather use that technique for another game. 
Commander Keen        10 A huge complex PC game that I think, even with source code and additional hardware, would be very diffcult to port.
Rogue dungeon crawler 10 Oh yes, I would also love a port of Angband. But someone else who understands the ggc compiler better should do this.
Sinistar              10 This is not a game I grew up with, so it just looks like an improved asteroids to me.
The Bard's Tale       10 Yes, yes, yes. I have spent countless hours playing this on an XT. The data structures are well known, and it's definitely something I would like to consider. Do we have any 8-bit source code.
TRON                  10 I loved the movie and I have tried to make light cycle games many times, but it's not a candidate I would consider.

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