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32X Connection Question

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Posted Mon Jun 16, 2003 12:02 PM

Hi all,

I just purchased a second hand Sega 32X unit, I connected it to my Genesis Model II console and tried a few 32X carts.

When I plug in a 32X cart the game boots up I hear the sound, however I do not see the title screen. Then the game main menu appears, I start a game and the game starts however the main (middle) screen is not visable, the outer portions of the screen ARE visable.

For example, with Doom, the game boots fine, the Sega logo appears, but the main intro is not visable, however the sound is playing. Next I press START the main menu appears fine, I start a new game and the game screen appears, however the middle (main game screen) that would show all the action, my character the enemies etc is just blank. Now the outer edges are ALL visable, meaning I can see the bottom screen which shows my status, ammo, etc.

I also tried this with other 32X carts same result. The middle of the screen is missing. Example 2: Virtua Fighter, at the character select screen all the pics of the fighters are missing, and once the game starts the ingame fighting screen, the characters are missing. The top is visable which shows the names and life bar are all visable and the sound works fine, but no fighters.

Now I tried the unit with Regular Genesis carts and it works just fine. No problems.

I have cleaned both the carts and the actual 32X unit itself, although same results.

If this a defective unit?
Or is there a connection problem?

Any suggestions are grealy appreciated.

I have the unit connected as follows:
Genesis 2 console connected with regular Sega AV cable going from genesis into TV.
32X with aftermarket AV cord going into 'AV IN" of 32x connected to TV, 'piggy backed' into other AV units of other systems.

Thanks in advance,

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Posted Mon Jun 16, 2003 12:39 PM

The 32X needs to be connected as follows:

The 32X is plugged into the Genesis.

The 32X is also connected to the Genesis by another cable (looks like a serial cable).

The connection to the TV is through the 32X, and NOT through the Genesis RF. The Genesis itself will not be connected to the TV when the combo is set up properly.

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Posted Mon Jun 16, 2003 3:46 PM

Yeap...I have a model 1 genny and that cord was a pain for me to find.

Basically I have my Genesis A/V out plugged into the A/V in on the 32x...then the A/V out of the 32x plugs into the TV A/V in.

The reason for the missing graphics is that the 32x doesn't generate a brand new picture...it basically overlays the 32x picture ontop of the main picture the Genesis itself makes.

This means that the 32x game picture is comprised of both the Genesis video and the 32x video together. This is why some graphics in the 32x library still have a very 32 color look to them..and them some parts of the same game appear to be full 16million colors. Example is Shadow Squadron. That game will show the Sega logo..and the game title screen...but without that connection...you won't see the stars or the whole intro itself because that portion uses the 32x video capabilities. However, while all the Polys in that game come from the 32x..the cockpit and messages displayed on screen are all from the Genny itself.

I hope that helps...to clear this up. The 32x is truly a strange beast in operation...


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Posted Tue Jun 17, 2003 12:19 PM

You might also want to take a look at this page, which shows all the bits and pieces that the 32X needs.

Unfortunately, the 32X is essentially useless without that cord... and it's difficult to find too. I lucked out and managed to find a complete, boxed 32X at a local thrift store. I even got the Gen1-Gen2 adaptor and metal clips that stick in the cartridge port.


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Posted Tue Jun 17, 2003 2:41 PM

Thanks for the replies all!!!

I managed to get the thing working....luckly I had that small cord from another, boxed, nonworking 32x.....the small one the goes from the 32x into the back of the Genny....That was it!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again

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