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LilTIe project from he99 / questions 4 A seasoned tweaker

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Posted Tue Jan 8, 2019 4:37 AM

Summary: I have little background with the TI beyond the following [BELOW] and just looking for any quick pointers, directions, instructions etc via forum. Plan on hopefully using this as a little resource spot, because I simply need to ask stuff, don't really know any TI-hobbyists :). I am aware of many of the resources online, pretty much, but wondering informally if anyone has any quick advice or materials to aid my quest/project VIA this forum thread, so that I can consolidate some information for reference to come back too.


Excuse as I do float in-and-out of TI Land.


One topic of interest of mine, possibilities:

1. AUDIO VIA EMULATOR/EDITORS > FILE (format for game use mainly as of course I can record otherwise).




And then later (after I get down disk basics, see below), learn the harder task of how to inerface between then, assuming in my case CASSETTE/DIGITAL FILE > FORMAT FOR GAME/PROGRAM FILES id possible. AND THEN CODING (in a far distant future, 3-5 years likely).


The questions here is what is possible? If possible, how to do it? And what resources, hard literature is available if any? (HEAD EXPLODES!  :thumbsup: )


3. I have fiddled with JS99'er (and previously the other offline editors, but its been awhile) - AND have some specific questions regarding this [TOOL] simply because at this time it fits my ability to access and well have hosted at site below.


Will periodically be maybe refining this old build. Understand there's a new one, fixed the software menu at least to display mobile/tablet at least, hope to hook up some other controls, but honestly my time is majorly spread out. But I did spend time tonight for many hours and will float in and out of this site as well for my retro hobbying.




Messing around tonight again, this also spawned my insane little project idea that I hope I could maybe embark on.




For immediate investigation 2019, and for my practical purposes, I am very interested (in the following order):


A) in simply mastering the assumed not-to-difficult ability of using (hopefully) JS99'ER + UTILITIES for creating new blank disk images. I imagine creating/saving disks is pretty easy and similar to other typical computers systems. But I looked around and could not find how to create simple blank disk in a timely manner, so just came here to ask.


Is JS99'er capable of this with a utility (did not see any native function/option) OR is there ANOTHER EMULATOR WITH NATIVE DISK CREATION FUNCTION this? And how?




I was playing/testing Tunnels of Doom and attempted to save to the disk inserted via 'K' SAVE key to DSK1 (disk of course inserted and attached there). And it did not save the game (prompted for new filename and done) to the inserted disk. Thus I did not understand why, given some experience with other systems. Then naturally I looked for how to create a new blank disk (formatted, initialized - not sure of the actual steps here, as noted in utilities) - got stumped.


Sorry, I know I could probably spend hours digging around, but hopefully someone here can gently and politely quide or give me a quick process or answer if one exists. I I did TRY and search quite a bit online at least via search engine :\


Any outlined process, noted emulators/process or also written books or pdfs reference materials would be appreciated?


(I'll try to CAP keyword/topics for more readable cues, as I am just dumping here and trying to explain a bit my objective coming out of the gate)


B) I am also interested in also using MUSIC APPLICATIONS like Sorgan II and Music Maker (via emulator + hardware/cart/cassette) to compose and perform music, CAPTURE IT and naturally write to file, for use in format for programs, games, etc. And do this using Emulators firstly, and then perhaps the more complex or involved task of setting up hardware and interfacing/transferring via cassette!


I am very curious about this process. And then eventually as well diving deeper into other music options, perhaps in coding after I can get more into this (although I expect this will take me some time and time flies and I have a ton of other things going on, but it's interrelated in a manner at a base level regarding programming - multiple birds, a couple stones)


I do not have disk drives nor will likely for hardware TI, but I like to use disk images obviously for storage, and be able capture/write to them and understand that whole process and then one day in future as part my hobby be able to fluidly transfer and repackage image and comprehend relevant formats. I am at a loss here due to lack of familiarity of TI-99/4a in yesterday. So I need some help off all sorts.



I work with music in many other forms minus SID and retro at a high level, but only modern formats. Is there an ability to capture or work with midi on the level. I would doubt it but does wav or other audio formats have any hand in it, convertors, etc (again I would imagine no?) So you may be able to note the huge question marks I have - not my setups and 'equipment.' And This includes naturally AUDIO EDITORS/GENERATOR/CREATION EDITORS (like Sorgan II/Music Maker).


I have actually made music in modern programming languages using WAVEFORMS (Sine, Triangle, the usuals), but honestly, I am more interesting in harnessing the couple (and little) programs existent on the TI-99 for hobby and fun rather than hard coding (but I could handle FOCUSED AND LIGHT CODING perhaps and this is still and area of interest).


So beyond the basics (and probably some BASIC) and highly relevant "BASICS 101 OF CREATING/WRITING TO DISKS" and cassettes (both via emulator, and cassette only for hardware), my core project beyond simply creating/saving to disks for gaming arrives as AUDIO PRODUCTION ON TI-99/4A AND FOR TI-99/4A Integration for programs.






Thanks for any tips, resources/hard materials/reference, or process/instructions. I know there may be books on archive.org (will look at that later).... it's been a little while since I scoped TI-99 sites for much new in way of reference/research and deeper sites out there: http://retrobytes.yak.onl/links.html


On this note simple links are welcome, especially on simple processes (not technical or hardware but i guess from a software, packaging, packing, compression, utility aspect)


And have spent quite a bit of free time already getting to know the TI-99/4a on a user/gamer level, well I avoided disks for obvious reasons. Beyond wanting to collect, amass and play games like Adventure/Tunnel of Doom, I am interested in diving in deeper.


I apologize if I pop in and out and not present, it's simply a matter of ...time. (I imagine many understand). Thus - just a thread I am throwing out out there for help NOW-OR-LATER as suits or if applicable. I know this might be a stretch beyond the disk creation/process...



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Posted Tue Jan 8, 2019 5:16 AM

My TIImageTool (Java-based) may help you to create new disk images and to operate on them. (See footer.)

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Posted Tue Jan 8, 2019 10:35 AM

@mizapf - Got it. Took me literally under 30 seconds to download, run the jar, create a new disk image. Done.


Amazing tool, cross-platform to boot. Sincere thanks for creating the tool. Perfection. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:






linux # java -jar tiimagetool.jar &disown

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Posted Tue Jan 8, 2019 12:08 PM

Always glad to help.


BTW, if you're using Linux, you may be interested to hear that TIMT has some scripting capabilities.


java -classpath src/tiimagetool/dist/lib/tiimagetool.jar de.mizapf.timt.CommandShell -h


java -classpath src/tiimagetool/dist/lib/tiimagetool.jar de.mizapf.timt.CommandShell dir myimage.dsk

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